In search of mushrooms - Flammulina velutipes

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Hello fungi lovers, again another week contributing my latest find, in one of my recent outings in search of mushrooms.


Natural photography 7.png

It is increasingly difficult to find mushrooms, because little by little we are approaching spring, although these last days it was raining and some new specimens like this one came out.

Natural photography 7.png



Natural photography 7.png

Apparently and if I am not mistaken it is a Flammulina velutipes it is always difficult to be exact with its identification, since most of the varieties are very similar.

Natural photography 7.png



Natural photography 7.png

In these photographs we can better appreciate the shape, size and rough texture of his brown hat, in addition to observing the damage caused by the environment and the passing of days.

Natural photography 7.png

IMG_20201111_150506 (2).jpg

Natural photography 7.png

As usual, these mushrooms came out in the remains of the wood of a felled log, they are very small, and thanks to their brown color they stand out between the wood and the moss, which is so characteristic in the remains of a log.

Natural photography 7.png


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Thank you.

probably, iD is correct, tho your pictures arent very close-up and cant see the details.
you forgot to add that it is good and edible, then.

ps. ' damage caused by the environment' ?.. where?..

It was a bit crazy day, I had some problems and the post was deleted several times and I had to rewrite everything again. What little I know about this mushroom is that it is quite well known in Japan, where they prepare dishes with it, it also has medicinal properties, being an antioxidant, animal tests indicated possible uses in vaccines and tumor immunology. Thanks for the support, grateful to the community.

the post was deleted several times and I had to rewrite everything again

ohhh! sorry to hear that, I feel your pain. I hate things like that a lot!
and intresting info bits. I guess it is a good thing to add them to the post (even if they are basic ones and known already to you, me, and FL activists) - but the new audience that stumvle upon it, always may educate themselv. (thats the only reason I have for it). cheers! -- and !ENGAGE 10 for you.

If you are right, information is power. I will take your advice into account. Thank you very much friend.

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