Fungi Lovers digest -- Jan. 2021

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Mushroom season is not on its peak, setero are sleeping or sorting out their summer folders (like me). We dont have much activity lately. Nevertheless, I continue to publish the digest from the best posts.

(not a big news)

Up to date we are 540 subscribers, 74 active posters, and had 377 interactions last week. Community account reached the total power of 3374 HP (thanks to @qwerrie, @solominer, @bambuka, @keuudeip and @portal-xenna for their delegation). FL is a part of @OCD community incubation program -- you may wanna check the link above for full details. In brief, it means @OCD encourages hiveans to post to dedicated communities by giving back nice upvotes for great posts. (OCD discord channel, in case you have questions or wanna thank back).


We just kindly ask: go for quality, instead of quantity. No need to spam over the place with low quality posts, that will get you no readers; its pointless and waste of your lifetime.

@OCD- curated posts


@bambuka shared his favourite (best of the best!) mushrooms: Porcini and Fly agarics, -- and some recipes as well, how to use the medical qualities of Fly agaric shrooms.



Another post from @bambuka -- more Porcini mushrooms from the archives, and moody captures of the forest.




@marianomariano is one of the most active FL posters, a great fungi lover and expert from Poland. This time he shared a pleasurable photos of Porcini mushrooms, and three of his fave recipes. Sadly, we dont have too much posts of this variety in the community. Well, its understandable, considering that we have a Foody community - a great place for tasty stuff like this. But still. Remember, your recipes of mushrooms dishes are always welcome here!



Winter is the time for winter mushrooms. What you may come up with when you look around? Brecketing tree fungi, like Turkey tail, amber jelly, judas ear, velvet shank (which is even has another title of 'winter mushroom' - simple as that!). We had a lot of this stuff in recent posts. @sketch.and.jam presented beautiful images of Turkey tail and Amber jelly roll.



Same bracketing polypores, one may consider they are dull and all the same - but look at what @arhat have found!! fantastic shapes: ears, ninja turtles, even a heart for your beloved Valentine.



A post from @oks2crypto - usual well-spread Splitgill mushroom -- winter edition.



What you can find in the forest if the winter is mild? Flammulina velotupes, at your service! @nicanor-mosquera found a little edition on a picturesque stump.



Another post dedicated to a very vivid example of winter mushroom, detailed info is provided as well. If you ever have doubts about your finds, check with this reference post.



Snow and fungi: a beautiful walk of @suzana72 from Serbia along the frozen snowy forest brought in a series of beautiful pictures. Variety of sleeping-under-the-snow fungi.



You should carefully look at your own firewood, told us @annephilbrick -- you may find there intresting UFO! = unidentified fungi object...



@borjan found a rare fella - Blewit, and captured a moody frozen winter landscapes. Splendid!


Let me round up my digest here. As always, a little reminder for our new subscribers: we have a nice fun challenge at HIVE, hold by @EwkaW: #FungiFriday!
I hope many of you will join, as there are only 2 simple rules:

  • when Friday comes, share your fungi with us! post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, stolen images will be checked and reported !)
  • add #fungifriday (not necessarily must be your 1st tag). that's all!



Happy #fungifriday 🍄 💞 to all fungi lovers !

Happy #fungifriday ❤️🍄
Thank you very much @hive-166168
for mention 🥰

In the winter I did not expect to meet so many mushrooms ..
Despite the winter, all the mentioned participants managed to catch beautiful specimens ... Congratulations Fungi Lovers🍄🥰

Very good and varied publications as usual, summer is approaching and it is not so easy to find mushrooms anymore, but there are still some in our galleries. As usual I will continue to contribute my weekly publication to the community. Thanks for including me in the post. Thankful to you.

indeed, summer mushrooms are in a distant future, so its 50-50% : digging old archives, or walking and looking for winter tree mushrooms. maybe the variety is not astonishing, but theres a lot of good pics to enjoy. cheers!

Happy #fungifriday
Fungi Lovers ...!!
Thank you for the mention and the community support.🐝

aha! you too, for delivering a nice stuff and looking around so well.

@hive-166168 Thanks for the mention!
Thanks also to each member of this wonderful community! Happy #fungifriday to everyone !!!

Happy #fungifriday, and also a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone -- special thanks to you for providing this special and creative visual for this week's FL digest edition. I hope more folks will enjoy it now. !WINE

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Happy #fungifriday!

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So many mushrooms to look at amazing life form that we still learning about. Thanks for sharing interest in not only finding them, but recipes to cook them.

Thanks so much @hive-166168 & @qwerrie!
A lot of work has been done. The mushroom season is not yet in full swing, but the mushroom pickers are not discouraged :)
There are many great photos.
My congratulations to everyone!