Finding a statue on the beach, sharing my art, and a Return to 3speak

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Part of my New Year's resolution has not only been a more consistent return to Hive, but also to start sharing my videos once again on #3speak.

In this vlog I walk our beach after the big storm we had here in January. We had a higher tide then we've seen in years and it's fun to poke about in the remains of the tide.

It's a grand day to sketch on the shore and I share one of my pieces in my latest series "Animals and Plants".

I'd hoped to share images in the post here on 3speak as well, as I know it posts to Hive as a blog, but it appears I cannot (Or at least I can NOT as I might just be imcompetent in that). So, the video shall have to suffice.

I'm hoping to slowly wend my way back into vlogs this year so shorter snippet video seems to be the best way to do this.

Enjoy the calmness of our seaside New England garden and look for the quiet in a Quiet life.

I Hope you find a moment in your day to indulge in your passion, whatever that might be.

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If you can't do it from the 3Speak side you should be able to edit your post on the Peakd side (or whatever other front end you like using) to add images you want to add. It's a bit of a pain in the system workaround but it's there if it works (I haven't actually tried it yet I'm speaking hypothetically).

Yay for more consistent return :D

OH that's great to know. I suppose, if I had thought about it, I could have posted to #3speak, as I did here and then in peak'd (which is what I use) just 'edit' ? Then I can pull in images and such? I'll do that with next video upload, thanks. I hope you are well @ryivhnn