Dance Fever, a Freewrite Haiku

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pine pollen.jpg


dance to be still
move to stay put
do nothing be you


This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is dance fever. For today's freewrite, I wrote for 4:30, then quickly chose three of the many lines I had written to fashion into a haiku. I took the photo.

Thank you so much for reading my tiny poem.




I dig it!!! Thank you for putting my haiku (which I now know is really a senryu, thanks to @raj808) into visual art.

Is that a left hand drawing?

My head starts bobbing
my knobbly knees knocking,
now I'm a dancing.

Senryu like to dance m'lady?🙄
Awful jokes are my forte 😂

rowan thinks
his humor sucks
but it doesn't

this poem does though


Yes, this is with the left hand. I am able to use the right again, but now it has become a sport.

I can see the difference, but it's a cool difference. There's an oddly dynamic motion in the left hand drawings.

I call it arty :)

If I were to attempt a freewrite I think it would end in half a dozen words too. But these are powerful!!!

Oh I wrote many more than these, then pared it down to only this much. I did not know I had set out to write a haiku when I started the timer. But thank you!

Yes I saw that! A writer is certainly not defined by any one method or manner of writing - or number of words

Very clever short poem, it made me stop and think for moment.
Very nice photo too :)
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us :)

Aw. Thank you for your appreciation!

I admire that Haiku! I've never really done a good Haiku. Maybe that's something that I should work on. This one turned out wonderful!