Blockchain Poets ~ Week in Review for Sep 18 to Sep 24 ~ AMAZING Poems ~ Hive SBI Winners, PIMP winners, too

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Here are the poems published to Blockchain Poets for the week of Sep 18–Sep 24. Let’s have a look at the poems then we will get down to the contest winner.

This Week’s Poems

Life Is a Choice by @olawalium
Lost in the Rain by @gingerup
It Hurts but Doesn’t Bleed by @radenkusumo666
What Am I Becoming? by @noodlypanda
Where the Road Takes You by @akumagai
I Always Look Up by @olawalium
Love Like Ours by @gingerup
“Time” – El Tiempo (ESP-ENG) by @joseitosanchezs
Time by @mell79
The Way of Tea, Original Haiku by @emeraldtiger
Make Me Smile (A SciFi Poem) by @anikekirsten
Un Segundo Me Basta Eng-Esp by @kraken99
Carnal Desire - NSFW by @noodlypanda
A Black Rose by @baesick
Desire by @vision-of-esca
My Choice by @olawalium
Wrinkled Uniquely Beautiful Orange, Life, and Old Women by @anggreklestari
Hearty Words by @gingerup
Coma by @mrenglish
Nocturne by @warpedpoetic
Go and Live Again by @fantom22
Butterfly and Orchid ~ Haiku of Japan by @dbooster
Pause for Breath by
Exhausted? by @olawalium
I Know What I Feel by @gingerup
Neoxian Word Poem by @quduus1
Unspoken Words by @itsprachi
Musing on a Bed of Roses by @ladytitan
Friday Poem: Whaur Kelpies Gallop by @stuartcturnbull
Numb by @olawalium
Don’t Go Gentle by @gingerup
Alone in My Reflections by @tezmel
Columpio (ESP-ENG) by @joseitosanchezs
A Cold Journey by @gingerup
In a Grain of Wheat by @maylenasland
A Free Bird… by @olawalium
The Land of Illusion by @inthenow
The Heart by @annabeth

Lots of new faces this week. Welcome @anggreklestari @annabeth @baesick @fantom22 @itsprachi @ladytitan @quduus1 @radenkusumo666 @stuartcturnbull! Hope all of you stick around next week and beyond.

There we go. If you have time, check them out and see what you think. And if you like any, let the author know about it by leaving a great comment!


Some great comments this week. Thank you everyone who followed the rules and commented at least twice for every poem you posted. Everyone who did this gets 10 Ecency POINTS. Also the top commenter and a random one both get 50 POINTS. This week those are @joseitosanchezs and @emeraldtiger.

Congrats everyone!

Winner of Hive SBI and PIMP

Remember, only people who gave two comments for every poem they posted are eligible for this contest. The only exception is that new poets are giving a pass their first week here.

Excluding myself, that puts 15 people in the running for HIVE SBI and 14 people in the running for PIMP tokens.

I threw you guys into a random picker

and the winner is…

For Hive SBI:






PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments:
@dbooster(4/15) tipped @lecumberre (x1)
dbooster tipped quduus1 (x1)
dbooster tipped fantom22 (x1)
dbooster tipped caelum1infernum (x1)

Learn more at

@hive-161465 thank you very much for choosing me as one of the great commentators and giving me the prize of 10 ecency points.

You're welcome! Thank you for participating.


Tiempo hace que no publico por esta comunidad. De repente lo hago pronto de nuevo. Gracias por la meción.

De nada. Espero tu próximo poema.


I didn't wait long, I just published it! It is a homage to the Blockchain Poets community.

Thank you for the mention will try to make a poem for the next round

Sounds great!


I don't quite understand the rules of the contest, comment on two other poems for everyone you post ???

Aye aye I really appreciate this , I will be sure to drop my next week✅✅❤️❤️❤️

That's right. So if you post 1 poem, make at least two comments on two other people's posts, and so on.

I'm looking forward to your next poem!


aye aye will be there...thanks for your time

There were many impressive posts this week, congrats to all!
Thank you for listing my haiku and for the 50 ecency points !

Hurray! Thanks for the notification and awards. I greatly appreciate it! :)

Thank You so much ❤️

Thanks for the points.. and congratulations to the other winners this week. 😃

Thank you so much for the support. It means a lot.