Red Market ~ Original Haiku

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I wrote this about a week or so ago, when the market was first starting to tank.

market's falling...
I think I'll
take a walk

Photo by Tumisu

On this day, I opened my portfolio, saw a whole lotta red, stared for a few minutes as I took it all in, then calmly closed my computer and went for a walk.

Some days it just doesn't pay to invest. Or, as the old saying goes Sometimes you get the bear; sometimes the bear gets you.

I wrote this some time during the walk, on one of the notecards I always carry with me.


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    Loved this one! I can totally relate to the old saying. This is exactly how I responded to the red lines myself and guided others to do the same. We can't always keep on running, sometimes we better stay still.

    Exactly. Just gotta brush it off and move on.


    Haha love this .. nothing else to be said really!!!

    Yep 😃


    Nice haiku for remember chaostic market

    Thanks 😃


    Very cool Haiku, I loved it even if everything is in red but it's time to go for a walk from time to time, thanks for sharing this nice poem.

    Thanks for reading 😃



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