Results of the 12th #ZapFic50Friday: "SLAM"! 3 WINNERS 2 runners up!

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Over 30 amazing ZapFic stories! Thank you so much to everyone who took part in week 12 of #ZapFic50Friday!

I have chosen 3 winners and 2 runners up!

Runners Up..



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And now the three winners…




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Hello, thank you so much for considering my story among one of the winners. I appreciate it.

Also, congratulations to all other winners this round: @killerwot ; @strangegravy ; @elementm ; and @imabby17.

Have a good start to your week everyone, and take care.

Thanks so much for choosing my story I had fun writing it and well done to the other winners and runners up!

Well done everyone and thank you so much, I'm delighted!

Great to have that little bit of extra motivation to stop scrolling on my phone and write something!! 😁

🎊Thank you! And congratulations to the rest of the winners and runners up 😊

Thank you for the mention. Congratulations to the winners ☺️🏆 👏👏
This was fun.

Congratulations to them.

We try again next time.

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