5 Minute Freewrite: exercise ball

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Lianna Banana (pronounced ba-NAH-na) was bouncing on the exercise ball. She bounced so high she flew up and broke the roof of her house and bounced all the way down the street. As she bounced she and the ball somehow grew bigger with each bounce. Pretty soon she was as big as the earth, and her bounce pushed the earth into a different part of space, and she became the new planet. She and the ball. The ball was the planet, she was the sole inhabitant. But she couldn't really do much but bounce her planet around all over outer space. Lianna Banana grew lonely bouncing around in space and jumped off her ball. She was quite giant by now and she broke through the galaxy into a different galaxy, where all the people were huge, and therefore no one seemed huge. This was quite nice for Lianna Banana, for she never particularly liked standing out in a crowd, except for when she was introducing herself and saying BaNAAAAHna, which was how she liked to get the point of her name across. But when it came to just walking down the street in a sea of people, she wanted to be one with the wave, not the lone surfer. All that bouncing had really shook her up and now she had curly hair, where once it had been straight, and Marcuso Appendige took notice.


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