5 Minute Freewrite: concrete jungle

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Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle. I never feel it more than when I take the silver line and get off at one of the stops along the 110 freeway, or the blue line and get off at the green line. (Or I should say, the A line and get off at the C line). Then you're under the freeway and it's so loud. I imagine a living jungle is very loud, too, but with the drone of insects rather than passing cars. And would it not feel so oppressive, because insects are alive and a jungle is alive in a way that a concrete jungle, a freeway, is not? Cars are not alive. They enclose living beings and make those beings feel insulated from the world around them, cutting them off from other people and often turning them into terrors as they speed through neighborhoods, incautious of the pedestrians around them. I don't hate cars. I hate what cars make of drivers. Maybe I would hate the people who drive that way even if they weren't driving cars. Maybe the people are already like that, and the car just accentuates it. I don't know. I hear Elliot fussing in the other room and I should go to him, because Andrew and Alyssa are busy right now. But the time... Ah well. I gotta go.