Prom Queens and Muscle Cars, a Weekend Freewrite

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Using a wrench from the toolbox, she unbolted the axles quick release brackets.

From prom queen to grease monkey in a mere twelve hours. That had to be a record.

The night before wasn't quite a dream come true. Ella arrived, with all the other kids, all gussied up. Her hair and make up had been done by professionals, her expensively altered dress, from the boutique in the nearest city 90 miles away, had set the family back a mere $2000. And the shoes... Well, we won't talk about how much the shoes cost. Her father would be pissed about those until her twentieth birthday. Maybe she would wear them to her wedding just to annoy him further. But she was expected to win the tiara that night, and she had to look her best.

So there she was, in all her glory, waiting with the others for the limo, when she saw Him. He was standing back from the rest, over by a woman with a bouffant hairdo from the 1980's. You couldn't miss him really, in his jeans, baby blue jacket and polka dot denim bowtie, arguing with the woman. Ella could hear snippets of what they were saying.

"So you will buy me that car lift if I go to this shindig? You promised."

"Yes yes" the woman said, resignedly. "Anything to get you to meet some humans your own age in this town."


Farnsworth looked down at the dog at his feet.

"What do you think Wily? Am I going to regret this?"

Wily stopped lapping and looked up at him with an ancient liquid gaze. The dog's message was clear. Farnsworth would indeed go, mostly to make his lonely mother happy. She lived for him and only him, ever since his father had died of a routine medical procedure gone terribly wrong. Farnsworth's social life was his mother's social life and, since he never socialized with anything on two legs, they had both lost touch with what some would call reality. By day, Farnsworth continued his father's passion fixing up classic cars. By night, he and his mother sat at home together playing board games.

This night, he was going to his first ever school dance.

"All right Wily. I'm going in."


It all started in the limo on the way to the prom. Someone started screaming

"Wait! WAIT! WAIT UNTIL the cap is back on the bottle!"

The class doufus, Walter, had gotten the bright idea to mix some baking soda into the vodka to see if he could make a volcano like they did in chemistry class with Mr. Marcus. Walter forgot the part about putting the cap on before giving the concoction a shake, and out spurted a plume of frothing foam, headed directly for Ella. Farnsworth, whose reflexes in times of crisis were his superpower, threw his baby blue torso in front of Ella's puce colored bodice, blocking the spume. Ella looked down into Farnsworth's baby blue eyes and knew she would do anything for this fellow for the foreseeable future.

And that's how the previous night's prom queen came to be under a vintage car, unbolting axles, the next morning.


This is my entry to @mariannewest's fabulous 3-part weekend freewrite challenge. On Saturdays, we freewriters have a second option of the fabulous Three Part Freewrite: we write for one prompt for five minutes, then move onto the second and third prompts, no peeking ahead. It's always a trip! The prompts are in bold italics in my entry today.


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Love these 3 part freewrites! You never know where the story is going to take you. You did a great job of tying the 3 prompts together. And now since I read yours and know the prompts, I'm going to have to wait until next week to participate, lol.
Love the green muscle car.
I hope Ella won the tiara after all that expense and makeup, then having her dress saved by Farnsworth.

I love these things too! They are so much fun, and I have no idea what is going to come out.

I spent longer looking for a good image than I spent writing this thing. Thank you for noticing the good thumb.

I'll be watching for yours next week.

It sounds like Ella indeed doesn't mind a single bit being a grease monkey for Farnsworth after he instinctively aided in protecting her nice prom dress. One can only pray that she isn't wearing those shoes while helping him turn wrenches!

Great freewrite as always my friend.

The part "and out spurted a plume of frothing foam, headed directly for Ella." had me laughing. You are so cleverly quick witted with your use of humorous wording and write in a way that makes it easy to visualize the story unfolding.

I hope you're doing well today :)

I somehow missed this lovely comment for a couple of days. I'm OK. Starting to miss my old home and environs. I was there for 20 years. But slowly I'm settling in here. One daughter will be coming for T-day today. I'm very happy about that. I sang at an open mic with a new friend who plays guitar, and we're working on a couple more songs. I'd say that makes me a lead singer in a country band! And I got a small part in a play for a community theater. Am slowly rebuilding my social life. How about you?

I'm a couple of days behind on comments myself lol.

Really happy to hear you've been building some social connections and getting back to your singing! I hope the feelings associated to missing your old home will fade as you make new friends and continue performing. It's understandable that it will take some time.

Nothing new over here. Spending the day with my cat and plants, and thankful to have them.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your daughter, I hope it's a nice day for the both of you! :)

I'm in the process of finishing up a post on spending a day with cats and plants!

Hey, are you available to help me with my hive engine? I sent you a pm on discord.

I happened upon this and hello? You are always surprising me with your storylines and how you choose them.

I started off and again, hello? You took me places I didn't expect. You are such a master storyteller. I loved it! I did.

Why thank you Denise!!! I love writing these things - I surprise myself. I'm getting kind of good at it, I must say. I put some loose ends in the first couple of sentences, and off I go. Writing one of these reminds me of being on a luge. There's no stopping once I get going, and I go where the sled takes me.

How many ways can I say I LOVE THIS?????


to make his lonely mother happy. She lived for him and only him, ever since his father had died of a routine medical procedure gone terribly wrong. Farnsworth's social life was his mother's social life and, since he never socialized with anything on two legs,

And the vodka + baking soda in the hands of the class dufus, and the vintage cars. and her $2,000 dress, and.....


Thank you for taking time to freewerite this weekend, @owasco! You made my day!

And now I'm thinking of my story about the high school dropout and her muscle car....

Thank you for reading and appreciating my story! You are my favorite appreciator! (The other appreciator completely ignores me. What is that? Must have been something I said.)

You have a story about a high school dropout and a muscle car? Do tell!

I see an improper use of the past perfect tense on my part. erg.

No, no, nothing you said - just, some people miss out on a good thing because their attention is elswhere. Their loss!! You are one of a small circle of living writers I keep promoting, thinking "word of mouth" should do its thing, but no, Libby McGugan, Ken Lizzi, Guy Martland, and @owasco are still not household names.

The story I wrote is very simple and lacking in concrete detail (it's quite obvious I've never drag-raced nor touched the gear shift levers of a muscle car), but it was fun, and I like "Marv," even if nobody else does. :) These are my people: the fictional characters who say and do outrageous things inside my head.

Muscle Car Day 353: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: muscle

(Thanks for asking, and you probably saw this once and didn't need to revisit it!)

While I don't write for the money, it's getting quite frustrating to see buildawhale, markymark, rocky, appreciator, etc, with autovotes set on accounts that now produce daily GARBAGE just to get those very generous upvotes, whereas those "curators" ignore me entirely. My posts are making LESS than they would have before this massive surge in hive value. Garbage posts are making well over a hundred dollars. So much for all those measures intended to increase the quality of posts. I get the feeling I'm not wanted here. Perhaps Blurt would be a better place for me.

Looks like that story of yours is one I missed! Thanks for providing it.

Blurt? Is this for real?
To see garbage rewarded, good stuff ignored... story of our lives, eh?
You're wanted here - by me at least! Wherever you go, i follow!

Yeah Blurt. There has been, apparently, another split off chain due to differences, and we all got small airdrops. I heard of one person who made enough there to buy a new car! I managed to log in a few days ago, but I haven't done much of anything. Today I can't login. But you probably have an account there. No downvotes, so no harm done to accounts that question the covid narrative, which has become HUGE problem here and could explain my lower payouts.

I'm not going anywhere. Just complaining. It's hard to see posts with one single shot of lunch and twenty words make $50, even though no one has read it, while a post I spent a week on makes under $20 even if many people have commented. If my posts were making $15 before this surge, why are they not making $100 during it? Sometimes I think I have been blacklisted by many of the curators, and the curators that do support covid questioning aren't supporting creative writing, so I'm out in the cold here. Poor lonely me. Lots of readers, no financial rewards. Could be much worse!

I'll never leave you!


Awww, I'll never leave you either, and I'll keep Social Media Sharing your posts - hmmm, maybe it's the occasional Twitter share that brought the wrong eyes to your posts?

Blurt - gotta check it out, and gotta get back into my Hive wallet! Steemit wallet looks like a confusing mess....

But the days are short (looking forward to solstice, soon, with days growing longer again!) and I have only so many minutes of daylight left to walk dogs in the meadow/wetland/timber.... Prince on Prednisone is a real treat. His appetite is like a starved lion, and he looks hungrily at the cat....

Prince, ravenous. It's a vision. Prednisone masks everything else, but can you tell if the treatment is working?

I just saw a hive post that earned over $1000! What?!!!! Of course, that's only about 100 hive at these prices, so he has a ton to lose if it goes down, which it is doing.

I'm getting quite irked by posts that are barely not spam, earning $70 and up, to accounts that have delegated almost all hp to a rewards and vote buying service. Even though they are real accounts, producing real content, they essentially never return the favor of my upvote, because they have delegated all of their hp. No one reads these posts, yet they earn a LOT. So much for downvotes and other measures intended to clean up this type of post.

Men, at first, I was wondering where it was heading too and then you just left me speechless. How did you even think up this sorta story in the most easiest of ways.

I've got a lot to learn regarding writing stories haha.

Had a lovely read..thanks for sharing

There's nothing to learn! That's the beauty of freewriting! Just set the timer, start typing, and let the story tell itself. I especially love these three part freewrites. Sometimes my 3-parters stories are quite bizarre. This one is rather tame.

Thanks for enjoying my story.

I haven't attempted this three part freewrite for fear. But I think I'll have to take your advice and just write, hopefully it'll turn out right.

Thanks for the read

It will. You will amaze yourself. Don't think at all, just write.

Love grew over a bottle of "bubbly" lol

hahahahahaha!!! Yes it did! Good one!

That was a nicely done piece! Here's some !PIZZA for Ella and Farnsworth to enjoy whenever they take a break from fixing up classic cars together :)

Thank you fellow fiction writer!!! I wish I could send one of your recent/revived characters some water.

Ehh let 'em die of thirst. I'll write new ones.


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This was just fantastic to read @owasco, and your storyline was perfect, I did not see that ending coming, thanks a lot for sharing and stay awesome.

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