A Change of Plans, Two Steadfast Hearts

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The socks were packed. The medicines were packed. The pet supplies were packed. Even the Berkey water filter was packed.

"Don't pack that yet. I am going to finish it before we move."

Only Edgar's loom was left to be packed.

The movers were due the next morning.

Edgar was having some feelings.

"I will finish that rug right now, wait and see."

He went over to the loom, and began weaving.

Elsie remembered their first dance together, the moment her life became entwined with his, on the dance floor of Roseland Ballroom.

Not long after, Elsie called the movers and postponed the move.

Edgar would finish his rug.


This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is socks.

I've been aching to write another episode in the lives of Edgar and Elsie. This freewrite is a springboard - an outline really - of that episode. It needs lots of fleshing out, more than can be done in five minutes certainly. Especially, why does Elsie postpone the move, rather than knock her husband's block off?

Below, find the first three episodes. The first two were not freewrites, but we-writes, which always take me a good week to write. The last episode below is one of my best ever freewrites. They are all very short, and well worth reading.

I've listed them in narrative chronological order, not the order I wrote them. I'm not yet sure where this one will go in the order, but I know it will be neither the first nor the last.

This story has promise. Finishing it is on my bucket list.

The Easiest Thing In The World To Do

Sunflowers are for Sissies

A Little Old Lady and her Morning Constitutional


Poster image: Roseland Ballroom - eBaycard, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30478888


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I live in Roseland Fl and when I went to NYC with my daughter I saw this building but did not know what it was, is it the dance hall in your post?

Roseland, now closed, was an enormous dance hall in Manhattan. Nowhere to sit unless you'd been invited to a private party upstairs. Just a huge room full of people dancing. In the lobby, there was a glass case with the names of all the couples who had met there, punched white into black tape, like my mother used to label my stuff when I went to camp 60 years ago. By the time I went, and I went a few times, it had become a bit squalid, but it was still a wonderful place to let go and dance to live bands, with the couple thousand or more others who were there dancing too. It's a terrible loss I think.

Idk what that wall is, but it could have been right outside the door. I never saw it.

It looked like the backside of the building, I did not go around to the front.

How awesome @myjob that you not only saw Roseland, you found a photo too!

I did not know what the building was about, I took the pic because I live in Rosaland Fl

Ohhh, that makes the story even better!!
And along comes @owasco with a story about Roseland Ballrooom.... cool!

Edgar and Elsie!!

I was so excited to see those names!

I've been aching to write another episode in the lives of Edgar and Elsie. This freewrite is a springboard - an outline really - of that episode.

And I've been aching to read another episode in their lives. Thank you for this!! I love the vintage ballroom poster. And Edgar and his loom, and Elsie (enabling?) his passion....

I wrote it for you!!! I'm so glad you saw it.

The loom is actually a problem, because the first episode I wrote (Sunflowers) has him (and her) hooking rugs, not weaving them. The rugs came to my freewriting mind and melted her heart, and a loom would take much longer to pack than a hooked rug in progress. Unfortunately, I know nothing about either of those pursuits! Maybe it's fortunate, because I will just have to learn.

So Elsie's heart gets to melt. His melted in the Roseland ballroom episode. I hope I finish it. I have my own packing to do!!!

The first thought I had when I saw the prompt socks was "I'm going to write a moving nightmare". Out popped Edgar packing his things, aggravatingly, at the very last minute.

I never know where those five minutes are going to take me.


Moving is a nightmare, even under the best of circumstances (hiring a crew to box it, label it, move it, unpack it in your new abode), and I'm not sure I could bear to read very many words about the agonies of MOVING.

But Edgar and Elsie - always!

Tim's mom used to make latch-hook rugs. Sometimes from kits, with pre-cut yarn, and patterns printed onto a grid. Even when they were all the rage, I thought these garish 1970s yarn rugs were revolting, but there's a niche for them to this day.

I was always tripping over these rugs when visiting the in-laws. Lumpy things...

Now I wonder where they all went. Not into the landfill, I hope! Tim didn't accompany his brothers' wives in the purging of the house. I shudder to think of all the things people discdard when emptying the house of a lost loved one. My neighbor said she went through twelve enormous rented dumpsters for her mom's stuff. i cannot imagine. We hoarders just keep packing things in tighter....

I have gotten rid of at least 75% of my stuff over the past few years. It's great. Highly recommend!!! The move, hopefully, will be easier as a result. I have complicating factors enough, without having to move a ton of stuff too.

Best way to get rid of your stuff is to let your "children" do it. Before 6 dumpsters are necessary. You then have no idea what is gone.