Zapfic Monday - Coerce

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"Oh, come on. You're a writer for god's sake! It's 240 characters, you do 10x that daily, just DO IT."
He grumbled out loud to himself, sipping on his coffee and staring at a blank screen.

Some days words came easy. Not bloody today though!


This is an entry for the ZapFic Monday prompt via the Freewriter's community, and is my first attempt at actually making one (thanks to @alonicus egging me on to actually try it).

Of course, today when I actually have time to write would be the day that writer's block strikes. But, hey... even that can be an inspiration if it has to be. We use what we have, eh? lol.

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@oblivioncubed you are touching on a nerve here, haha! And not just with writing, there are these exact days when I am trying to do some art as well. But I have a @zakludick and @lex-zaiya who make sure to poke me into action at least!

poke do more art!

Haha, yeah yeah! I am busy! Though some of it I cannot post just yet, as it was done for other people and they have not yet revealed my labours on their Twitch. So, cannot jump the gun, that would be mean, haha.

lol, I tried OK? I tried.

haha it can be a struggle some days. Having folks to poke and prod ya is certainly helpful!

Their encouragement helps a lot!

Cool piece here.
Nice short story dear.

Thank you!

You are welcome.

This is a fact. Even when writing is your job, those words don't come easily.

Right? Some days it's all I can do to drag a scene out kicking and screaming, other days it's like 1k words? Pah, 10x brah I got this.

I feel you on that! I aim for 3k work words a day, but there are days I stare at the screen and rage quit because I can't anymore.

A story we can all relate to, nice one!

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haha thank you!


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"Words, don't come easy"... so they say.

As well as time.... and then motivation once you finally get time...

hahah exactly!

I do manage to write but NEVER the amount I would want to write. 🤦‍♂️