Freewrite Prompt - Frustration

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Harold was no stranger to frustration, but today was 'capital freaking F' Frustrating.

It had begun poorly, with some shitheel neighbor blaring awful music at 4:30am like it wasn't a Tuesday morning, and it only got worse from there.

The coffee spilled over instead of brewing. His bus was late. His boss chewed him out for then being late. And, worst of all... Jameson got promoted.

Jameson, the new hire not two months out of school, and yet Harold would have to take orders from this brain-dead kid.

Harold sighed. For all that today was a shit sandwich of frustration... At least he had beer at home. At least there was that.


This prompt provided by @mariannewest - frustration

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That beer's probably flat though, the way his day is going!

Almost certainly LOL. Poor chap!

(For real, the morning I wrote this my youngest woke us up at 4:30am and work was a total shitshow, so like, definitely channeled some of my own day's frustration into this LOL)