Sometimes Life's Just Not Fair | ZAPFIC MONDAY | (1/17/22) - Prompt: blue

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Hello everyone. The ZAPFIC 240-character challenge has returned. I love to participate in this event each week as time permits. Attempting to write a complete as possible story in 240 characters is a bit difficult. Conciseness is the key to condensing complete sentences into a compact and coherent thought. changed up the challenge a bit to create a new format: ZAPFIC Monday. The rules are below if you'd like to participate.

This week's theme reminds me indeed of "blue" Monday. It may start off on a sad note; however, you have the remainder of the week for situations to perhaps turn around. Sometimes things happen that's irreversible. My story focuses on one such unforeseen incident.

As previously done, I leave here my wordcounter screenshot showing the exact word count for my microfiction story:

Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 14-50-02 WordCounter - Count Words Correct Writing-ZapficMonday-1-17-22.png


Deidra guided the brush through her curls.

On the vanity, she glimpsed the sapphire brooch.

Beneath it lay notice of her finance's demise.

Proposal and gem received a week ago, she struggled to understand why.

A single drop diluted the words.

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If you'd like to participate, here is the official post: We laugh in the face of Blue Monday... because it's #ZapFicMonday week 13! Write me a story using 240 characters or less!

  • Post to the Freewriters Community.

  • Use #freewritehouse and #zapfic tags.

  • Please use a word/character counter (if you search for word counter on the internet or in your phone's app store you will get a big choice!) and include a screenshot. This makes it easier for you and @feltbuzz!

  • Use the prompt provided as you see fit (use your imagination)

  • You have 3 days (until Thursday 23h59 GMT) to post a Zapfic (a story written in 240 characters or less) using the prompt given.

  • Try to tell a complete story if you can!

  • The story should only be 240 characters long (including spaces)



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.







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