Mosquito Bite -5minutefreewrite

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I need to figure out how to

Alright. Sitting up and doing this dang thing
I'm writing my dang freewrite. it's 7 28

I took a picture of an annoucemnet that there's going to be a sweep in our neighborhood and I sent it to someone who I know does outreach, I hate sweeps. I hate that we treat people as less deserving of ocomfort. We hide it

Ugh I'm not making a lot of sense. The point is - give people what they need. They need stuff, and rich folks have more than they need. There's a lower limit to what people should have to endure in a society that has so much. The cat is mepwong oudly I gptt ago do the cats I;m oing to tupe without looking at the screen how come that cats is eo lod. all our creatures have fogured out how to get our attentin. The cat does it by trying to wake up the child. He's banging on the kids door. ugh. I'll end here. that was only 4 minutes but this cat!


Hola 🤗 amigo gracias por tu voto, y los animales son así, si les das cariño y comida , jamás se apartarán de ti , y más si hay niños que jueguen con ellos. BENDICIONES 💕 amigo