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I'm warring about sad stories that

well, aren't sad,
but about the more recent family gatherings, at which I was sad

Because my dad isn't alive anymore.

And telling a fiction tale.

I thought I'd tell a fiction tale, but that sadness is in me.

I'm going to go to bed super early tonight.

My Family gathering this morning was loverly. Lochlan climbed into bed with us and was only a little bit squirmy. I love coziness.

I think Stina and I don't entirely see eye to eye on this. She doesn't want us to have to lay with him for him to fall asleep, and I don't want to HAVE to, but I enjoy laying with him and falling asleep myself next to him. It's very cozy.

Fiction. Well, it's a bit too late for that. Just a miniute left. Miniute? Minute.

My hand is feeling better. I think when we were pretending @loch was an oreo and dunking him in milk I strained it. A few hours later it was just hurting for seemingly no reason.


Sorry to hear about your dad 😢 Hopefully the happy memories will come flooding in soon...

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