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Holy heck. Can anything be as frustrating as an exercise ball??? It's like the taxes. I don't know why taxbit says I have 4 errors one minute and 428 errors the next. I don't understand why the exercise ball is fun one minute and arduous the next. Why can't it all just be easy? I like exercising and I like math. I don't like being subject to the whims of randomness. There's a randomness to the moment bouncing on an exercise ball becomes a pain. Perhaps it's the randomness of the brain noticing something that was true for a long time

I don't want to write what I'm thinking about because it's sad so instead I'll hum dee dum. I was waiting for taxbit to finish importing some data and abruptly I watched a snl sketch. it was dumb. like the premise wasn't great and the execution was also not great. I would have been ashamed to present that in a class, and there it was on national tv. There's no meritocracy. AAAA I know it's not useful to think that way.