Never Chase a Scared Sister | A ZapFic Story

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Hi, dear freewriters,
This is my first try at #ZapFic.
This weekend promot was: slam


Never Chase a Scared Sister

My sister sprinted to her room after she pranked me.
I thought I'd get her this time. She slammed the door on my face.

It took her some time to get out. She might have thought I was lurking outside, ready to attack.

Mother found me unconscious, my nose bleeding.


Thanks for reading

Note: I made some final edits, but kept the word count.


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Hello @imabby17. Awe, sisters playing pranks. Usually doesn't end well. I know mine didn't as I still have a visible scar on my leg.

Thanks for sharing. Have a good rest of your day.

Thank you. Sorry about your legs. If only we thought a little, or listen to our parents when we are going crazy. My sister and I have quite a few scars resulting from our "games".

Have a great day, @justclickindiva