"Swimming Against The Tide" a weekend freewrite. 6 Fifty-Word Tales, One Story : Humpbuckle Tales 29 - 34

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Swimming against the tide 1: Trapdoor (Humpbuckle Tales 29)

When Jeff meets Helen he falls for her, fast, as though through an open trapdoor.

Helen's parents are unimpressed.

"He's training as a veterinarian, darling! You can do better than someone who spends all day with his arm up a cows arse!"

Their disapproval drives Helen to accept Jeff's proposal.

Swimming against the tide 2: It’s a crazy world (Humpbuckle Tales 30)

"I can't believe Helen's marrying me! " Jeff says.

"It's a crazy world," Simon agrees.

Jeff's best man has been screwing Helen behind his back for months.

Simon gives the marriage a year at best.

Nine months after the wedding a son is born.

Helen isn't sure who Brian's father is.

Swimming against the tide 3: Festival (Humpbuckle Tales 31)

When Brian turns three Helen announces her parents were right: Jeff is a loser.

He's taken over Festival Pets. Unfortunately, he's bought the debt that comes with the veterinary practice.

Jeff works very long hours to try to make ends meet.

Helen doesn't even bother to hide her affairs, anymore.

Swimming against the tide 4: Bird Poop ( Humpbuckle Tales 32)

Brian, now twelve, reluctantly spends every other weekend with his dad.

Sharing his mother's contempt for his father, he hates working at the veterinary practice.

Brian cleans out the cages and makes drinks for the staff.

He amuses himself by stirring bird shit into his dad's tea along with sugar.

Swimming against the tide 5: A good thing (Humpbuckle Tales 33)

Jeff looks old, tired, thin.

Brian can not believe his beautiful mother ever loved this shell of a man.

"It's a good thing you are here," Jeff says to his son. "I appreciate your help."

Brian steals the keys to the drugs cabinet.

He supplies ketamine to the local dealer.

Swimming against the tide 6: Icon (Humpbuckle Tales 34)

From the Humpbuckle Gazette:

Locals are shocked by the drowning of the town's veterinarian, at the iconic annual festival.

Reports that Dr Simmons was high on ketamine, a horse tranquilliser abused as a recreational drug, have been confirmed by an anonymous police source.

He leaves behind a wife and son.

These fifty-word stories were written using the six @freewritehouse freewrite prompts @mariannewest gave us this week (see her weekend freewrite single prompt post or her three prompt option for fun writing this weekend!)

These six stories are part of the Humpbuckle Tales series I am writing. Each tale is 50 words long. They can be read individually but when read together they make up a much bigger story. The 6 weekend freewrite stories are an obvious example of this because you can see that one follows on from another. The other tales might not be so obvious as they are sometimes set a few decades earlier or later than the others.

You will find an author reading on Hive of the first 10 tales (also available on YouTube or as a podcast

I always publish my stories on Hive (see @humpbuckletales account to find all the tales reblogged in one place) but you will find the earlier tales at humpbuckletales.com

I appreciate any comments you might have.

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Have a great day! Love to you all!












I just love the way your mind works
. Small towns sure have lots of secrets and misery and, and, and...

Oh, my, what a tragedy from beginning to end, skillfully woven together ... Humpbuckle is a sad, sad place to live, but boy, is it well written!

Thank you! 😍

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