"Musk Ox" a fifty word story written using the Freewrite prompt. Humpbuckle Tales: 16

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"Can we throw this away?"

Chloe stands in the doorway holding Gilham's old coat.


"It smells like rotting flesh."

"Put it back."

Gilham loved that old coat.

"My grandmother killed this musk ox with her bare hands," he'd boast.

Gilham was World Champion of Bullshit.

Molly misses him desperately.


This 50-word story was written using @mariannewest's @freewritehouse Freewrite Writing Prompt: "Musk Ox"

This is the sixteenth 50-word story in the Humpbuckle Tales series. Each Tale is designed to be an independent story, but each story is part of a much bigger tale.

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Oh my goodness, that last line :-( So Gilham is no longer with them? I assume he died at some point? If so, very well communicated, and the emotion really hits you in the gut when you understand how sentimental the smelly old coat remains to Molly. I am guessing I now need to go and read the @humpbuckletales to find my answer ;-)

Thank you for reading and commenting! 😁

Wait!! So he didn't kill it with his bare hands? :D

Thats the thing with bullshitters... you never really know what's true and what is not! :)