"Circus Performer" a fifty-word story written using the Freewrite Prompt. Humpbuckle Tales: 15

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Judy wanted to be a trapeze artist or a nurse.

Acrophobia dashed her circus performing dreams.

Nursing, then.

Discovering she was also hemophobic she specialised in psychiatry.

After a patient slashed his wrists, a handsome psychiatrist suggested treating her fear of blood with hypnosis.

Cured, his powerful voice enraptured her.

This 50-word story was written using @mariannewest's @freewritehouse Freewrite Writing Prompt: "circus performer"

This is number 15 in the Humpbuckle Tales Series. Each Humpbuckle Tale tells a story in precisely 50 words. You can read them as individual stories if you wish. But there is a bigger tale to be told... the stories and characters are linked.

Can you see what connects them?

I am not currently running a Zapfic contest. However, I do want to encourage the writing of microfiction on Hive! So, if you write 50-word story (or any other ZapFic) please feel free to tag me. I will read it and if I like it you'll get an upvote and a reblog.

Thank you for reading!

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You taught me a new word (Acrophobia).
You've got the niche on flash fiction on hivre @felt.buzz. it's a huge discipline to achieve. I've learned that writing poetry can do the same especially when there's a word count or character count. Cheers 🍻.