"bird poop" a fifty-word story written using the Freewrite Prompt. Humpbuckle Tales 26

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Gilham left neither relatives, nor will.

The suicide note - discovered in his coat pocket - bears Molly's name.

After giving Molly the coat, Holbert sits on the clifftop bench to think.

Something isn't right.

It isn't only the seagull shit, he wipes off his shoulder with a tissue, that smells fishy.


I wrote this 50-word story using @mariannewest's @freewritehouse Freewrite Writing Prompt: "bird poop"

This is the 26th fifty-word story in the Humpbuckle Tales series. You can find all of my Humpbuckle Tales reblogged at the @humpbuckletales account. You will also find my tales at humpbuckletales.com (although this lags significantly behind Hive: all the newest tales are on Hive first!)

Each tale can be read as an independent story, but they all add up together to create a much larger tale. You will find many of the characters popping up (sometimes younger, sometimes older and sometimes they are not named, but they are someone you have already met!)

You can find an author reading of the first ten tales in this post, or on YouTube (I would appreciate it greatly if you could subscribe to my Humpbuckle Tales YouTube channel!) or as a Humpbuckle Tales podcast. There will be a new author reading every other Monday (next one due on 1st November)

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Nice prompt. Here is a link to my post too https://ecency.com/hive-161155/@alovely088/bird-poop

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