"a good thing": a 50-word story written using the Freewrite Prompt. Humpbuckle Tales 27

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Gilham checks his watch.

Molly is late.

He pulls an envelope from his pocket and scrawls a note.


I've given up, can't hold on. Forgive me!


Molly rounds the corner, breathless.

Gilham stuffs the note into his coat, smiling.

"Good thing you're here! I was about to go!"


This 50-word story was written using @mariannewest's @freewritehouse Freewrite writing prompt "a good thing"

It is the 27th fifty word story in the Humpbuckle Tales series. Each story tells an independent tale, but if you read them all you will see there is a bigger story to be told. You can find all the Humpbuckle Tales reblogged on the @humpbuckletales account. You can also find an author reading of the first 10 tales here.

I am not currently running a zapfic contest but if you want to write a microfiction story please feel free to tag me and I will check it out and if I like it you'll get an upvote and a reblog.

Thanks so much for reading! Comments are appreciated!