A favorable breeze ! A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (eng /esp)

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The corvette, with its sails spread to the wind, always looks for a favorable breeze, so that even in the darkest moments of its trajectory, it can take its crew, passengers and cargo to a safe harbor.

Like her, we must always keep in mind that despite the difficulties, our life must always be oriented in the search for the best path, thanking God for the gifts we have received.

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La corbeta con sus velas desplegadas al viento, siempre busca la brisa favorable, para que aún en los momentos más oscuros de su trayectoria lleve a un puerto seguro a su tripulación, pasajeros y carga.

Al igual que ella debemos tener siempre presente que a pesar de las dificultades nuestra vida siempre debe orientarse en la búsqueda del mejor camino, agradeciendo a Dios por los dones recibidos.


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Such a thoughtful point. Now I have learned from the Corvette to always seek out the best path. And to do all that it takes to get to my desired destination.

Good luck and happy success on your journey. @loveah

We might be old but we are strong. Like the sailing ship, we need to find our way out of stormy weather, and catch the wind to sail away and find our destination.

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