Monochromatism Cured

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Who knew that thanks to technology,
I would one day be able to see,
Feel and bask in the glory of beautiful colours?
Seeing blue for the first time blew my mind,
Subdued me,
Cued me
And brewed purity inside me.
Blue is all view,
Blue is new.

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This is my entry to the Zapfic Monday's Fifty Word Story Challenge

Prompt is, "Blue". You are all invited to participate.

Thank you for visiting my blog 🤗


This is a unique perspective on the prompt. You captured it really well 💖I've seen the expressions of sheer joy on people's faces when they see colour for the first time and it really does

blow their mind

It is quite an emotional experience. My brother is colour blind so this touched me. If you were colour blind, which colour do you think would bring you most joy seeing it for the first time? !ALIVE

I tried to put myself in the character's shoes while writing the story, knowing all she sees is grey, no colour at all, but is still not enough. No one can really tell how it is.

If I was colour blind, I think the colour that would bring me joy is sky blue which is my favorite.

I am glad the story reached out to you. I guess the story is dedicated to your brother. Send my regards to him and stay safe 💕

Thank you Esther💗💥 !ALIVE !PIZZA and Blue is definitely a very good choice. Very tranquil.

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What an original story :) I hope she loves all colors even though blue is her favorite :)

Thank you for your kind words. Seeing colors for the first is liberating. Thanks for stopping by

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