New composition Jazz+Funk+Electro /// The Palace of Liberal Arts, Louisiana, 1904

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This is the 4th piece to this day under the banner of my World's Fair series and this one is dedicated to The Palace of Liberal Arts.

"So Vache Morte what style is your music? Is it Jazz, Funk or Electro?"
They asked in disbelief.
"A bit of all that."
He answered with confidence, a confidence that only a few can brag to have.
"Aren't you afraid you went too far? That no one will understand what your music really means? That they will only grasp the superficial and be blind to the deep layers, the intricate complexity and nuances that you bring forth?"
They were all mouths open, awaiting an answer that would appease their fears.
"I don't really give a shit, if they don't get it, they don't get it."
He said, cutting short any further discussion and he did so in his habitual fashion that many would categorize as legendary.


do you know that rockiapp stole your music and is impersonating you on their site they did it to countless others and used our data to get investors even though they promised to delete our stuff off the choon servers - the man behind all of this Bjorn niclas is a serial scam artist it is pretty bad
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