Nightmare Dance / Audiovisual NFT using style transfer

I have been flirting with EBsynth software for some time, I downloaded it probably a year ago and haven't really had time to play very much. Basically you can create animations using video via a varitey of techniques. I painted and collaged over one keyframe of this video of me dancing, this was my keyframe:


Using the software I then applied that keyframe to the video. This is a pretty slow process, I had a total of 344 frames so it was a few hours to export!

I then added some music that I made using the organ synth in the caustic app!

I really enjoy this style transfer stuff because the result is not super easy to predict so as the frames are coming out they are somewhat surprising. I had a weird feeling of looking at a funhouse mirror as I was assembling it lol.


This is a 1/1 edition available on NFT Showroom, you can check it our here:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>₳ⱠłɆ₦ ⱧØ₦ɆɎ<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Cool! I don't know if I understand the process ^^ But seems like fun! It looks a bit like you're some kind of ghost, dancing under water. A surprise for unsuspecting divers ^^

I probably didn't explain it to well 😂, basically you take a video and choose one frame (your key frame) and you alter that frame, can be painted or drawn over or anything really. Then you input the key frame you altered with the video frames in this software and it applies your styled key frame to the whole video! Adding multiple key frames will get better results in some cases but will be more time intensive obviously. It's pretty cool!

Ai, now I get it! Sounds cool! It's so amazing what one can do with digital art! There seem to be endless possibilities! I'm very new to all this, there's still so much to explore!

Oh this one is crazy good! I like it!