Medusa cuts off her hair ✂️My Character Drawing

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A small sketch of the modern Gorgon Medusa and an important reminder of how important it is to accept and love yourself, even if the most dangerous snakes live in your hair)

My Character Drawing


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Thank you for your attention! ❤️


Medusa cuts off her hair

That bites


How often should you tell chemistry jokes?

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This is a really great job and it looks great (hair is hard to draw, guess it is not for you :-))

Oh, thank you very much! hair is a very annoying topic, lol. it's like Russian roulette-you never know if everything will turn out well enough this time or if they will look like a piece of plastic on your head)

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Beautiful. Love the idea of her cutting hair. I'm also working in medusa art. Like to represent all mythology characters.
Great job.

thank you very much! I follow up for you because I fell in love with your work!)

Fantastic flowing hair. The fine strokes make her locks look wonderfully messy. Nice!

thank you very much! I tried to combine the usual type of hair with snakes) I am very glad that you liked this work!)

Damn, I need to learn how to draw hair like this. This is just perfect. It's soft and clean. If you can give some pointers that would be awesome.

I see a bit of chromatic abberation on the hair as well.
Great work 👍✨