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RE: Reaching for the Stars- Polishing an Artwork!

in OnChainArtlast year

I think I need to make my regular reminder that you, sir, are awesome, and your artwork is even awesomer! This sort of reminds me of playing a game called Trine, a lovely sidescrolling puzzle adventure game, with beautiful atmosphere. I don't want to sound picky, but that globe would look cool if you made a GIF of it moving... Just saying ;-D


Thank you!! xD Yeahhhhhhhh I'd love to see it animated, but not to do the animation myself hahahah I can't even imagine where to begin animating this xD
:D Thank you very much! I believe I played Trine 2, it was fun :D I love puzzles, I really should find time to play 3 and 1 if I haven't

Lol, adding some animations to it would be amazing. I think I've played Trine up until 2, as even something as relatively simple as 3 could easily melt my potato of a laptop. I'll put that on hold for now 😁