New work tokenizes and available at NFTShowroom!!!

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Happy day friends Hivers!!!

I hope you have a beautiful Monday, this time I wanted to share with you my most recent tokenized art available at @NFTShowroom, it is a single edition available and I hope you like it. ;)

This work made me feel doubly happy, one was that I was very satisfied with the final result of my work and my other joy is due to the fact that I learned with the help of some friends from the community how to make the #GIF with frame by frame animation with The PS tool, my first #NFT I did with a video timeline but with that option the #GIF weighs much more.

Now I say goodbye for the moment my dear friends, I thank you all for the great support and I hope you like my tokenized work. <3 <3 <3



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Nice post

Thank you very much!!!

Es raro, hermoso, mágico, sobrenatural <3 . 3

hehehehehe pensé que me estabas describiendo. XD ;)

No jajaja, es el arte. Suerte y que te lo compren pronto 🤩

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Ohhhhh! Estoy decepcionada hahahahhaha ;(... Gracias! yo también lo espero lol.


Fantastic and wonderful job, I would like to learn digital art, but I don't know how. To do Gif, moving images are very interesting to me. Could you recommend me some sites or tutors in youtube for to start undestending something? Thank you, bye