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Hello everyone! It's a pleasure to greet you, I hope that since you are here, you are well, full of energy, trying to enjoy the things that life gives us. Today I share with you an illustration made with the manipulation of my traditional illustration made with mixed pigments and overlapped with photographs of flowers from my garden, captured with my cell phone. The digital compositions are infinite and I like the results and new illustrations that can be obtained. It's always hard for me to stop, as the possibilities are so vast.

Hola a todos! gusto en saludarlos, deseo que desde estén, se encuentren bien, llenos de energía, tratando de disfrutar las cosas que nos da la vida. Hoy comparto con ustedes una ilustración realizada con la manipulación de mis ilustración tradicional realizada con pigmentos mixtos y solapada con fotografías de flores de mi jardín, capturadas con mi celular. La composiciones digitales son infinitas y me gusta los resultados y nuevas ilustraciones que se pueden obtener. Siempre me es difícil parar, ya que las posibilidades son muy amplias.



Enlace de mi ilustración tradicional

Viviana Villafañe

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I hope you like it, thanks. | Espero que les guste, gracias.



Yep, You hit my problem - exactly!
Great Job, I liked the second best😍!
Have an Amazing Sunday!

Hello friend, it's good to know that you like it, it's hard to decide which one to put as the cover. Have a great start to the week! Blessings!!

I know what You mean, like You said - once it's digital it's endless! 😲
You too My Friend @viviana28 have a Wonderful, Blessed New Week!

Trabajas muy buena la parte digital viviana excelente yo solo hago mis trabajo sin programas 2d digital si tiene a la mano por favor mi reina se puede descargar un programa por gmail.com mi correo rafaemarquezcoronado4@gmail .com un abrazote .

Hola!! muchas gracias por tu comentario, te cuento que para digitalizar utilizo el programa Photoshop.

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Gorgeous detail! ❤️ Extremely well done 👍

Hello beautiful friend, thank you very much, blessings