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“Whenever man comes up with a better mousetrap,
nature immediately comes up with a better mouse.”

James D. Carswell

Bogomils Mousetrap ps-5X7-300dpi.jpg
India Ink (Micron Pen) Drawing on buff Arches etching paper, 2008
12 3/8" x 8 9/16" - 31.4 x 21.7 cm - scanned and Photoshop
Private collection, Vienna, Austria

This rare drawing is in a private collection in Vienna (sold 2013). I totally forgot to add this to my inventory on Flickr, so I did now.
I called it "rare" because I have not done many drawings with micron pen, other than for the Antipodes projects.

A comment I posted to a question about this piece, asking me how long it took:
Time is of no concern when what you are doing is a trip! When I set out to work on something, I never know where it will lead, since I have no pre-conceived idea what I will be doing when I start, only some vague concept, and then, that's not written in stone, and I usually depart from it in short order. That way, ideas that form in my head, beforehand as well as when I am working, are altered as I go and then the original ideas can again be the touchstone for something new again ......

A note I attached to my print sales on this work:
Please note the original size of the artwork when ordering prints! It is a small drawing, aprox. 9.5 x 12.375 inches. Since it was scanned with very high resolution, it yields larger prints (up to 40 inches) with great clarity and detail, which might be attractive for a large wall setting.
I completed this (2008), while working on the co-operative project of Ben Tolman's Antipodes - since working on the project, I started using the Micron pens.

It was first published on DeviantArt October 2008

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at the Fuchs Villa in Vienna

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You should post in the Alien Art Hive Art Community sometimes... so i don't miss your posts. Hahahah
This one turned out awesome!

I meant to cross-post it and forgot. Thanks for catching it anyway. Next one I go to Alien Art.

No worries! We don't curate cross posts for the votes but you could still be featured in the Community Curation with a cross post. Hope you have a great weekend my friend!

I agree about time and art @thermoplastic and often I find myself starting something, even just adding color to an older illustration, and I get lost in the 'story' of it all and make various iterations as the world unfolds before me and before you know it the sun has moved across your desk and it's been half a day. We get a special realtionship with Time, we artists, we are lucky in that I think.

Thank you Donna - that is exactly it. On top of it all, I got quite a few unfinished pieces around that I pick up from time to time. I remember seeing some older (and then newer) Dali books and noticed that he changed and/or added to his paintings over time. I cannot find this quote anymore, but I had repeated it before: "A painting is never done until sold". Maybe it goes back to Da Vinci (with a little twist). Like, once you sold it, you can't monkey around with it anymore. But in my past, I had sold a large drawing, and then I missed it and also had more ideas about it, that I did it as a painting.


It is a masterpiece, I am trapped in its infinite details. I am not an art expert, but I have always followed it, and I have not actually seen many similar works.


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