Another day, another paper doll (and other artworks! ) ^_^

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Hello hivers, an happy Thursday to you all! Another day, another new paper dolls and other artworks I can show you!
The Sun was shining on the sky this morning (now there are a lot of dark clouds), just 3 days to the day of the wedding of my daughter and today I feel myself in a very positive mood, what's better?

Yesterday in the afternoon, while my hubby @paolobeneforti was teaching to his art class inside our lab, I worked on some different artworks.
At first, I gave some touches of colors (and a sort of painted face with big eye) to my new small wooden sculpture. It is almost ready, but I have to add some details on it (some little metal parts and other little treasures I collected in the past to use them for my artworks).
I also created a new paper doll and I had so much fun to image and to make this articulated character of mine!


A detail of the paper doll:


As you can see, it's one of my usual woman and I tink soon I'll make a paer doll larger than this one, because I lie the final result.

I also used a small scrap of paper to create the head of a (fat) cat in ocher color with some little white leaves, just for fun! ^_^

The articulated paper doll is an oil painting on 300 gsm paper and, as usual, I took a couple of pics during the process to share with you:

gatto (12).png

gatto (13).png

Now I have to run to finish another new artwork, stay tuned to see my new pieces! ^_^
See ya soon and stay safe,

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What a beautiful work, I love your art!!! Very inspiring!!