Tokenized Art on MakersPlace: Extracts From Elemental Hope

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Photomanipulation // Collage // Digital Painting // Aliens

You can view the High Quality MP4 with Music Here

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I love this! I'm a very basic photoshop user so I've always wondered how photomanipulation artists develop their style. Your work's got such an ethereal, magical vibe. Can I ask how long it took you to make this piece?

 28 days ago 

Omg I have no idea how long it took. I work on a bunch of different pieces at around the same time and I usually "finish" one, then come back a week later and work on it for a few more days....then maybe completely change it a month I do the same with music. I just enjoy the process.
Also, thank you!

Hahaha! This is what I imagine a true artist would say too! Enjoy the process, I’m going to bookmark that for myself :)

Whether digital or unplugged, I work the same way. I have a unfinished painting sitting around since a couple of decades, a large canvas where I dabble on with left-over paints while painting something else. And with digital, I often forget the process how I got there in the first place. Not one to record my steps, which I should, actually.

 27 days ago 

I always forget my process and then I have a hard time repeating something I really like 😹
Recording is a good idea.....
And yeah me too..... I have hundreds of unfinished songs that are decades old lol

this thing with processes with digital: I am not very organized and methodical, but more like a little kid with a chemistry set, always just on the edge of blowing up the house. At least with art, that does not happen, but it does create a refuse bin full of junk.

All of your artwork has such a unique vibe to it. From what I can tell most involve a person. Do you think you'll expand outside of that and what would it be?

 29 days ago 

That's a good question....I don't know.....aliens maybe? lol

lol I love it! some of those with the distorting could pass as Aliens. I think you do amazing work though and really have a talent. The animation NFTs are some of the best I've seen so keep crushing it! You can tell you love what you do and it shows in your art.

 29 days ago 

Thank you so much that really means a lot to me!

Looks so elegant!

 28 days ago 

Thanks! She's on her way to the ball lol.... Love your art so much btw ❤️

Well that ball is ethereal!! Wahhhh thank you so much Isaria <3 Love your art too!

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 29 days ago 

Thank you!


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That’s fkin incredible!

I love manipulation style.

This is beautiful. I see a lot of emotions from that piece, I wonder what exactly you were aiming for

omg this is so good, such intense art!!