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Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great!

So I finally found some time to do a second attempt at acrylic pouring art and tried a different technique. I also bought some new brighter colors this time and tried to create a more cheerful painting. I still watching more and more videos and keep learning tricks and information about acrylic pouring and trying to experiment more.


So the colors I used for this painting is:

  • Black
  • Salmon
  • Blueberry
  • Yellow Green
  • Purple
  • White

I followed the same process as the previous time, mixing each color with pouring medium, water and pouring oil.


The first attempt at acrylic pouring was on a canvas, so this time I tried the technique on a wooden surface and see the how the result would look like.


First of all I applied some of the white color on wood as a base.



So the technique that I tried this time was to cut a plastic cup and pour the colors into it, the one after another.


So while I was pouring the purple color into the plastic cup, around it I was pouring some more white color so as to be more easy for the colors to flow.


On the top of purple color I poured the yellow green color. As you can see the purple color had already started to flow with the white when I poured the yellow green.


After that I poured the blueberry color on the top of the yellow green with the same technique. It might seems like an exaggeration to show you every step I followed but I think it is worth to see how colors flow and interact with each other when you add a new color, like for example the purple color with the yellow green in the picture.


The salmon was the last color I poured into the plastic cup. After that I started tiling the wooden surface with the plastic cup on it and experiment with the color flow until I covered the whole surface.


When I finished with the first and basic layer of the surface, I followed the same process as before, poured the same colors again into the plastic cup and tilting the surface until I reached to a pleasant result.


After that I removed the plastic cup carefully and started adding straight to the surface some colors that I wanted to give emphasize at them. I also added a dark color like black so as to balance the view of all those bright colors and start tilting again the surface.


So I experiment a lot until I reached the wanted result for me and I actually enjoyed the positive vibe that the brighter colors give to the painting.


As I said at my previous post the technique of acrylic pouring demands a quite big waste of color and I think it is really important to make a good use of the superfluous colors. So what I did was to roll over the plastic bags (that are put on the floor) two glass bottles that I had and easily change their appearance.


I let both wooden surface and the glass bottles for 3 whole days to dry up and then wiped them down with some baby wipes. So this is the final result of my second acrylic pouring painting on a wooden surface this time.


And this is the result of the two glass bottles I painted making a good use of the superfluous colors.

That's all from me guys, I hope you enjoyed my post and maybe inspired you trying to experiment with the technique of acrylic pouring.

Thank you for stopping by,


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