Super Sized Nativity - sand sculpture

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I love working big, the bigger the better. Being able to carve the major shapes with a shovel and quickly have something that looks like something can be very liberating. Having your whole body be part of the art making process while giving you exercise, not just for your brain but all over can really get you connected with the piece.

When the idea was suggested of making the 2009 La Pineda, Catalonia sand nativity a collection of big heads I really wasn't sure of the idea. Too many different artists working in different styles and sizes was my main concern. For it to work we really needed to make sure we communicated with those close to us to make sure there was some good composition and mix our styles throughout the overall area. Working here and there to blend things together.

It's all in the eyes

When making any sort of person the viewers gaze is automatically going to go to the eyes and this is somewhere that I thought our styles must be similar. Every sculptor makes them different but I felt that they would read much better if they were all the same and that would be best way to make sure everything joined up. After some protests and discussion we came to a compromise and agreement and looking at the sculpture now I think it really helped make everything seem as one.

Sizing it up

This thing was big as can be seen in some of my pictures. It really needs something to give a sense of scale. I find it funny that without a real person in the picture you would be forgiven for thinking these large busts were actually life sized. Never believe anything you see.
I think it was good that we had decided to make heads and shoulders rather than just the heads, it allowed us to give a bit more emotion into the pieces and also helped with much needed support for the heads. The beards also helped to stop the faces collapsing, of course Mary needed another solution.

As nativities go it created a really nice view with all these people standing around the baby at the center. It was like a family photograph of all characters that were involved it crib. I really like the little angels that Ludo Roders made as they helped show the scale of things.

Have a guess

I made two characters myself and some of the animals but I am not going to say which ones. I would be very interested if you can guess down in the comments. My style is probably very obvious to some of you if you having been following my blog for a while. So off you go @ryivhnn and @livinguktaiwan which characters did I make?

It was nice to work on this project and I am very happy with how it turned out. It was fun also to be quite rough with the surface detail and let the natural texture of the sand with pebbles and all add that scaled up texture of skin, hair and cloth.
As with all my posts you can click the images to take a closer look.

Artists involved: Mario Hernandez Mola, Nuria Vallverdu Vilagines, Anique Kuizenga, Tim Handford, Ludo roders, ammonite, Kirke Kangro and Niall Magee


Thanks for reading. I use PeakD to document my work as an ephemeral Sculptor of sand, snow and ice, amongst other things. This will hopefully give it a new life on the Hive Blockchain. Below you will find some of my recent posts.

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I hope you'll join me again soon

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Why would you put me on the spot like that?! I now don't know anything! XD

I'm going to say you made baby (because of giant anime spark circles in eyes) and whichever character owns that giant as hand.

Can barely see the animals so I don't have a clue. Going to say sheep because that's the most prominent one in any photo with animals XP

I'm quite sure I'm completely wrong XD

It does seem a bit like a family snapshot :) I'm a bit concerned about the angle of the baby's head x_x lol. Would have looked impressive up close, I love that last photo with what I assume is the lot of you standing on it :)

Bye now you know more than most but you are only partly right. Yes I made the sheep like creature but not the baby. This was made by Tim Handford.
I also made Joseph and the Asian looking Wise old man on either side of Mary.

I also worry about the neck of the baby, must have been a painful birth;)
Thanks for playing along.


it is very difficult to predict, but I think the picture of the animal that has hair,

extraordinary sculpture, all eyes look alive, staring intently towards me.

  ·  last month (edited)

Thanks again. The main trick with the eyes is to make a very deep dark hole and then add a little circle of sand like a highlight.

Oh friend, I want to ask, what if the statue is exposed to rain?

Good guess, yes I made the creature in this image with the hair. I also made Joseph and the Wise old man that looks Asian. Thanks

I'm in luck, and I'm just guessing using flavor.

Did you give me a tip? This looks like your style

I figured you would guess correctly. I mad Joseph and my friend kirke made Mary. We have very different styles but I think the rough and the smooth go together quite well. I also made the Asian King and one of the sheep.

Another hard worked piece of art, very nice!

Thank you very much @creativemary

I love your work too. It’s very difficult to do it!You really really amazing😍 I want to vote you 💯 but I do not have power now, I really love it.

It is difficult enough working on this scale but I really enjoy the challenge. Thanks for your comments @sreypov

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