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RE: Reaching for the Stars- Polishing an Artwork!

in OnChainArtlast year

Been amazing to see how much you've been improving in such a short time, this is an excellent piece.

Reminds me a bit of that raid in wrath of the lich king.


my only pet peeve would be the head, looks a bit oddly straight line at the top, but maybe just cause I don't know if he's wearing a mask of some sort under or its anatomy. xD

Ahh the head was bothering me too xD I was hoping I finally got it passable after 5 tries hahaha

Thank you :D
I haven't played much but the cinematics are just insanely good, some give me chills, including lich king one. So thank you for the awesome compliment ^_^

I remembered what it was called now :D ulduar!