Vršac ☀️

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A walk on Wednesday this time takes you to the town of Vrsac, Banat, Serbia.
Morning fresh and sunny, right time for morning coffee .... I walked through the square and enjoyed the newly awakened city .. Only a few passers-by pass slowly ... And only someone drinks coffee in a cafe ...




There are a lot of flowers in the square and a nice part for a walk .... Since I need coffee first thing in the morning, I sat down to enjoy the sun and a cup of coffee ...




And now the morning pose where I drink coffee, watch the pigeons spring ... thoughts are intoxicated with coffee and do not occur. I just sit and the view crosses the square.




A dove was walking on the grass right around my table...


And here are the pigeons sunbathing and courting ..


This was a break before a long walk ....

The city slowly started to wake up ... And after coffee, I went to Vršački breg for a longer walk ... But that will be the next story ...

I hope you enjoyed this walk around the city of mine ....🥰

#Wednesdaywalk hosted by great @tattoodjay who is collaborating with the wonderful @elizacheng who is hosting #Makemesmile ...

Thank you very much for visiting my blog ❤️

Have a nice evening evening ✨🌌



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I did indeed enjoy this walk a beautiful sunny day and love all those colorful flowers

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)
Do if you have time check out some of the other walk posts, its like a wee break from your day to day reality

Thanks a lot @tattoodjay🥰🌼

I also enjoy watching other posts, seeing another world and how others see their world ....🤗

I'll take a look now, until I start working..

Have a nice day ☀️🌼☀️

Like I said only if you have time, I find them all so interesting and thought others may as well

have a great day

Yes, I agree. 🤗
I also like to peek into other countries and stories and I'm sorry that sometimes I don't have time to dedicate a little more to other posts ...

Have a nice day ☀️☀️☀️

No need to apologize perhaps I should I never meant to put pressure on people with that comment

That is a nice comment, and it does not oblige anything ... Your intention is good and I accepted it that way. I'm glad we're here from all sides, and to hang out nicely in this #Wednesdaywalk and thank you for starting such a nice hangout 🥰

Thanks so kind of you 👍🙂👍