The purpose of enjoying the beauty of nature is to walk in the morning/ My Wednesday Morning Walk

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Happy Wednesday Walk

The purpose of the morning walk is to enjoy yourself in the midst of the surrounding nature. Walking in the morning from all day is the most enjoyable. Because after this long time of the night, nature seems to come back to life in the morning. Espeically the moments of walking in the morning along the rural roads are more enjoyable. When you go out on the dirt road in the village in the morning, you can get softness. When you set foot on the soft grass on both sides of the road, the feeling of comfort cannot be expressed in words. If you ever enjoy that feeling, you will be able to understand its meaning.IMG_20210915_101207.jpg





Today, through my blog, I have brought you to the path of the village. Enjoy the moment of morning walk in the middle of this nature of the village. If you like morning walks and want to enjoy the beauty of nature then my walking moments today will give you pleasure. If you look at my photographs carefully, you will surely realize the amazing beauty of nature.I usually get a chance to enjoy this amazing beauty of nature by walking in the morning. However, rural nature is arranged in different forms. The diversity of nature is seen in different days. So you can enjoy this wonderful beauty of nature by walking every morning.





And that's why I never miss the opportunity to walk in the morning. Since I am a nature lover, I try to enjoy this amazing beauty of nature from morning. What I like most is this evergreen view of nature. Most of the time the rural natures of our country are covered with evergreens. Because different types of seasonal crops are grown in the field. So the surrounding nature is always covered in green. The more I walked in the middle of this green nature, the more I lost my mind in the middle of nature.





And that's why everyone's moment is more enjoyable - flowers, fruits and vegetables can be seen in the morning and everything is refreshed. Due to heavy rains a few days ago, water was frozen all around. Some of the crop lands were submerged. And at that time many snails and oysters were roaming the road. But now the water has dried up a bit, but snails and oysters can be seen roaming the streets in the morning. Bahari also has many colorful flowers and water hyacinth flowers. All in all, this moment in the morning is very enjoyable.





Even today I was able to enjoy some of the amazing beauty located in nature while walking in the morning. Even today, the moment of walking in the morning has been enjoyable for me. So I am showing you some photography with my little effort. I think you are enjoying my blog this beautiful Wednesday morning through all the photography. If you enjoy the beautiful moments of my Wednesday walk then give me a chance to know your opinions and enjoyable feelings on this topic. Also give us a chance to enjoy the moment of walking on Wednesday by sharing it with us.

Many thanks to all of you for stopping by to visit my blog


Hi @sumaiya777, Very peaceful and calm environment when you walked in this Wednesday. I really love to watch greenery landscapes especially paddy field's looks. Absolutely stunning photo clicks you taken.

@madushanka thank you so much for your kind word and great appreciation.

Your photography is so beautiful and morning walk is good for health. You have done a great job.

@azamrai thanks for enjoying my blog.

It is so green and lush there isn't it!

(I LOVE green..)

Great shots of the little snail family and the flowers too!

@chocolatescorpi thanks for visit my blog and great appreciation.

You're more than welcome (I love snails...) and flowers...😂

I to live morning walks heading out on one soon

So green and beautiful there and yes I know the feeling on walking in fresh green grass

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

@tattoodjay thanks for enjoying my blog and your kind word.

Most welcome,

Have a great day

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