Wednesday Walking to Shovel Point

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An entry for the #wednesdaywalk challenge hosted by @tattoodjay.


As some of you may have noticed, we have been fortunate enough to get away from Wisconsin and take in the North Shore for a week of vacation. Family fun has been everywhere for this week; yet I snuck away during nap time today to get a solo hike in. It was a good one! The hike follows a very rugged section of the North Shore, and the scenery was beautiful.


The trail starts with a few stairs and wooden plank one gets further down the trail, the stairs and planks disappear, and most of the walk is on prehistoric lava rock.




The trail pushes on for only about one mile, but the constant ascents and descents apparently take the wind out of people. Having celebrated last night after the Milwaukee Bucks win, I too felt the wind being yanked out of me the climb to the top.



On the next image, you can see what is called Palisade Head; I'm hoping to get on that tomorrow during nap time and share some images too.


Finally, I made my way to Shovel Point. The views are epic. You almost feel like you are standing in front of an ocean. Lake Superior is so vast and's one of those places I feel like I need more of in my life.





I even found a wildflower way out here on the rocks...I couldn't resist a photo!


I then took a photo of the point from afar, and another one of the sea caves below...



Despite being short, it was a haul. I even took a selfie to celebrate the walk. Not a bad hike whatsoever.


Highly recommended if you ever find your way to this part of the world. This is just one of many wonderful hikes in the area, and I'm looking forward to more explorations before vacation ends.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out mmy work! I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Wednesday too. Until next week...


@sagesigma very nice Wednesday walking place.

Thanks for checking it out - it is a lovely place here...hard to not find a good walk here, for sure

Superior is definitely an ocean itself. It’s huge! Can’t even see the land on the other side lol.

Some awesome photos man, glad you were able to sneak away for a nice hike and some time in nature. Love the caves and the cliffs! We are hoping to take a nice vacation in September, not as warm but less hustle and bustle I think.

always a good idea for a vacation - I'm still having to carry Hattie from time to time, and the back is feeling it this this one was definitely going to be a solo jaunt! My IPAs can only deal with so much, lol

It is a beautiful place, it was a great idea to go for a walk alone, to appreciate all these beautiful landscapes that you now share with us.
Beautiful pictures and incredible trails in wood and rock.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed them too...I wish I could have added another hundred photos, but it still wouldn't have done, honestly. Thanks again!