Wednesday Walk - I almost missed it! I thought it was Tuesday!

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I've been waiting to share these pics and I couldn't wait to do it for #wednesdaywalk! And I thought today was TUESDAY, so I was getting my thoughts collected for tomorrow - but nope... aghhhh

only 2 hours left for Wednesday!

So....I hope that this isn't too rushed hehehehe

ok heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go! :)

For the Hubs' birthday - and because we all needed to get away! hehehe @biggerjoe @bbqgriffinwings and I went away for the weekend. We headed out to Long Beach and went deep sea fishing! It was a wonderful day (even though I got sick for part of it - bad migraine!!) and the only thing that would have made it better is if our @quirky.countess was there to spend it with us!

We arrived at the landing before 6 am - and the light was so pretty! I decided to get some pics for Wednesday Walk - knowing that I'd be sharing them now! hehehehe


I just love how the lights were so glowy! and the sun is rising and bringing that beautiful painted sky for us! hehehe And seeing the palm trees against the sky is always just so pretty to me! No matter where you are - you KNOW you are in a sunny place when you see those palm trees!


I stopped to take a picture of this amazing yacht (is that a yacht @bluefinstudios ???) and this guy in front of me says "Oh... this is only one of my boats. You should see the others. Here - want to take a picture of me in front of it?" And then he proceeds to BUST UP LAUGHING with me!!! We were both laughing SO hard - hahahahaha it just took me by surprise LOLOL Of course - he was just one of the mere common folk - showing up for a day on the sea - trying to fish! hehehehehe but don't you just love those random conversations that bring a little light into your day!? hehee


Ilove this picture! Love how the still water reflects those beautiful palm trees like its glass! The sky is pretty above - but doubled in the water its just exquisite!!! :)


Now it's time to take a walk on the boardwalk here - among the dunes that they were restoring. I'm on a mission to get a good shot of that lighthouse that I saw from the dock! hehehehe Let's see if we can get a nice shot!


Ahhhh there she is - in the distance! hehehehe See that green light? It's a white lighthouse - but they shine different colored - changing lights on it! I'm so glad we came here at this time - because by the time we boarded the boat just an hour later - the sun was already up too high - and the lights were off! So I got to see the changing colors on the lighthouse! Don't worry - we'll get closer hehehe


hehehe of course I had to take a picture of this! This reminded me of the good old days of me being a pirate captain! hehehehe wait - what am I saying. Once a pirate captain, ALWAYS a pirate captain! arghhhhhh! :)


Here you can see the different colors showing up better! on the left - a purplish-pink! on the right - a neon blue! so fun! hehehehe
I had a video of it turning colors, but since I'm so late with my post - I won't add it in today! 😔 Maybe another day - but it was pretty cool!! hehehe


I loved this picture too! You can see all the restoration happening in front of me - and the flowers are blooming and opening for the sunrise. But look at those beautiful boats in the glassy harbor! Doesn't it just look pristine??? Everything was so clean and beautiful all around us. Hubs said that the city gets a bad reputation for not looking so nice - but honestly?? I don't know where they get that idea! Everywhere that we went - it was scrubbed clean and so pretty! loved it!


Doesn't this look like a pirate ship??? We actually saw this out on the ocean when we were heading back to the dock! They had no sails up - so I wasn't sure how it was moving hahahaha - I always thought ships like this needed to have their sails up??? But - maybe there is a motor in there too ! hehehehe I just thought it looked so neat! Had to grab a shot :)


No more time for walking - it was time to board our boat and get ready to catch some fish!!! Everyone was READY!!! :)


As we pulled out of the harbor - we passed the Queen Mary! Griff says that it's one of the most haunted places in the world hehehehe I don't believe in that stuff - but apparently, one of the rooms there is the central place for all the hauntings! eeeeek hehehehe So for those of you who like that stuff - feel free to go check it out! LOL

Behind it, on the left, you can see the cruise terminal. Isn't that cool??? It looks like a massive silver golf ball! hehehe Kinda like Disney's Epcot Center! :)


I didn't fish this time - the boys were sad at first, because they know I love to fish! But - I really wasn't feeling very good. And I really think its just as fun to watch them pull in some fishies! (By the way - we ate them last night and they were OH SO TASTY!) HEHEHEHE

Here is the Hubs and Griff - catching some! :) and yes - they are both very tall. and I am very small LOL

Hubs is 6'8' and Griff is 6'2 (or 3) now hehehe


and I don't remember the name of the fish - one was a sculpin - and I think the other was some sort of rockfish?

sorry hahahaha I just eat them :)


After I watched them for about an hour - my body was just in too much pain. The migraine was bad - but everything else on my body hurt too. This occassionally happens and I know better than to try to fight it. I went inside the boat and laid down for a bit - pretty soon, I was asleep. The rocking of the boat is usually nice, but a few times, I almost fell off the seat hahahahaha I needed a hammock or something LOLOLOL

Finally Griff came inside and said - Mom, can you come out so I can get a picture of all three of us?

Of course I can! I did - and getting up to move around actually felt pretty good. He felt so bad though. He hugged me and said - I'm so sorry you're sick. This was supposed to be a special day for us!

I said - oh honey - it is a special day, I had a really great time!

And then - as SOON as we spoke those words..... My favorites arrived. Playful, diving, jumping, silly, entertaining! I caught them on video - but here are some screenshots. I couldn't stop giggling! Something about my favorites just turn me into a little girl hehehehe

my dolphins!



There were SO many of them! The pod was HUGE and they just danced alongside the boat for what felt like an eternity! hehehehe I just LOVE these creatures! They are so beautiful and so intelligent - and SO PLAYFUL!!!! I have gone swimming with them in the past and I got to ride on one - and it was, and always will be, one of my FAVORITE memories!

So... I hope that you enjoyed my wednesday walk - part on land, and part on sea! hahahaha

And i'm SO glad I got this in with only ONE HOUR LEFT of Wednesday! hehehehhe

Thanks all - and hope you have a fabulous week!!!! :)


I love the shots of your boys fishing!
and I do lov the glowy lights in the shot with the palms at dawn?
but for me?
the Dolphin pod, playing around the boat?
That's the best!

hehehehe yes - that was the best. And the timing was just so incredible.

It was amazing - and you should have heard me giggling! and squealing LOLOL
oh... i wish i could just play with them everyday hehehe

aloha bluefinstudios! oh my goodness, I forgot to mention how much it made my heart sing when I saw those pics! I love dolphins too!

What an adventure for hubs birthday! I'm sorry you were sick on this trip, what a bummer! At least you got to take these lovely pictures of your dolphins 😄.

I particularly love the pictures of the boats, the lighthouse that changed colours and of course that of Mikey with the fish! Hehehe, nice!

I hope you are feeling better now. Have a great day, ma'am! 😊

yes - it took me another full day to recover hahahaha - when we got back from fishing - Mikey and I both laid down in the hotel and we fell RIGHT to sleep hahahaha

even though it was only 1 in the afternoon! LOLOL

But sometimes being out in the sunny air on the water - will really drain you fast! hehehehe but in a good way :)

I will have to make a gif of the lighthouse changing colors or something - just so that I can share those videos - there were a few that I took! hehehe maybe i'll do that so you can see it - it was really special! hehehe

Hehe, I'm glad you both got your needed rest. Ugh, I dislike migraines. I'm glad you are feeling better!

I won't mind a gif of the lighthouse. I would love to the changing colours!

hehehe ok then I'll do my best to get something on here for you :)

it was really a neat thing to see!!! :)

-Wow!! What a fantastic day..a great family adventure..all the views are so beautiful..the color of the lighthouse is simply amazing. I got intrigued by the fish hehe they don't bite? Hehe, they looked so beautiful like I don't want to eat them and just put them in the aquarium hehe. Ahw just sad that you were sick but it was part of your adventure, that made it more memorable lots!!❤..Have a blessed day!❤🌷


hahahah yes - they can bite - they do have teeth! but the spines on them - they are actually poisonous - so you have to be careful to not touch those hahahaha

but they were really tasty! LOLOL

and yes - the sickness was part of the day but it was still an amazing time :) love you!!!

Those shots are so beautiful. The diving dolphins too. That species of fish held by one of the boys is quite strange, then the next image brought it nearer and clearer. That fish must be bony and of course tasty. You had a great #wednesdaywalk.

That's funny - @bluefinstudios thought they were bony fish with not a lot of meat also.

but oh my goodness - I think the spines on them (which are poisonous) make it look like they might be bony - but they are NOT hahahaha.

They are SO meaty! and the fish was such a fresh,almost sweet meat! wow - the filets were so thick!!!! we definitely had a nice feast with them! hehehehe

yes - the dolphins!!!! wow - i wish you could have seen it Ishmael! You really would have loved them!!! They're just so playful - and FAST! keeping up with that boat.

They love swimming in the wake! hehehehe

I wish I could see those dolphins 🐬. I heard dolphins are lovely and sociable. I wonder what would have happened if they were in Africa.

I didn't know there weren't any dolphins off the coast of Africa! Really! hmmm I didn't know they were so exclusive!

there are many kinds!! Remy just saw some yesterday and caught a video too! they loved it!!!

Ahh, lots of Dolphin off the coast of Africa! Many are off of the Horn, and South Africa. Lots on the east coast, too.

Aloha @dreemsteem! I really enjoyed your #wednesdaywalk post! Wow, Shoreline village is one of my favorite places to go out to dinner or even to just wander through the shops. We've also spent a handful of New Year's Eve's on a harbor cruise where there were fireworks in the harbor and off of the Queen Mary... Thanks so much for the memories!

It was wonderful to see pictures of your hubby and son, I hadn't seen any before of the other half of the family! And their seafood captures look quite tasty! Are you going to eat them soon? Sorry to hear about the migraine headache you experienced. I've had a few of them too, but fortunately not lately.

Sending healing love and light... I hope the migraine is gone today!

oh yes- we ate them 2 nights ago! Hubs made some fish and chips (with mushy peas too - which is apparently the ONLY way that English people eat fish and chips! LOL)

it was really fun to have him cook them up! and they had a fabulous time. Really - i did too, even though I didn't get to fish or stay out with them too long hehehe

thanks for stopping by!!! You should definitely join #wednesdaywalk - it's such a perfect excuse to just put up some great pictures, have fun with the community and meet new people :)

#sublimesunday is an awesome tag too!

I love them because it's just the best way to engage with people with very little guidelines to follow - just be yourself and support others too hehehe

So sorry to read you had a migraine and weren't feeling well, but you still got such amazing shots, I love that lighthouse with the colored lights what a brilliant idea

and then the dolphins awesome I love dolphins

hehehe yes - the beginning of the day was really great!!!!

I can usually feel when the pain will be showing up - and... sure enough, as the day progressed - it got worse and worse.

And sadly - hahaha I had just bought a new purse, since the strap of my old purse broke. And wouldn't you know it? my medicine was in the OLD purse at home hahahaa so - when the pain decided to tell me it was really coming for me, there wasn't much I could do except bear it.

Thankfully - it allowed me some time to watch the boys pull up some fish heheheh and that is just ALWAYS a great thing to watch. there is nothing like that look of a fisherboy or fishergirl hehehe that has just landed a nice catch!
@enginewitty can attest to that! hehehehe

and dolphins!?!?! hmmmmmmm they just make the whole day better! everytime :) thats just the icing on the cake hehehe

I have never been into fishing myself but see many out fishing in the early morning 👍🙂👍

hehehe as a child i loved it - then i went through a season where I could take it or leave it.

then came deep sea fishing! and i love the whole experience there. its really a different feel! and the fish are not what you usually see hehehehe

What a fantastic day, sadly marred by the migraine. I know how that feels. Glad you got some rest and watched your favourites dances. 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

hehe yes - the migraines are never fun. they were accompanied by some body pain that had been building for days and finally arrived in all its glory LOL

but thankfully that night was the end of it and the next day I was like a new person again :)

the dolphins were definitely a gift from God :)

Hmm.. no, Been suffering with migraines fro sometime, so I should know.
Yip the dolphins definitely look like they were specially sent for you. Love those images.

The dolphins were there to make you forget being ill :) ... It's possible that the Queen Mary could be sunk. So you might want to try to get aboard sometime if you can!

What a great walk :) !!!

what!!! really??? I had no idea! hahahahaha

Why are they sinking it? To get rid of the ghosts?!?!? 😂

lol no, they're debating whether to restore or sink her because she's in bad shape. They really haven't decided yet, so it's a good time to go if you want to see the ship as it looks before anything is done!

nah - ive seen it a bunch of times. seen it as much as i want to see it anyway LOLOLOL

lol is it creepy? Or just boring?

To me - its just a ship. hahaha

I think i was only inside it once... But isn't it funny that like - once you KNOW its supposed to be haunted - your expectations change?? hehehehe

so when I saw it - I think I just thought... nice... old ship. cool. history.

the end hahaha

but now that it might be destroyed - and my son is like "ohhhhhh its the most haunted place ever" hahahaha of course - the intrigue builds it up.

but in my mind - my critical analytical black/white mind. hahaha

I think - ummmm. it's just a cool ship. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

so i guesss - as anything in life - it is what you make it! hahahahahaha

but if you want to go see it??? i'll go again and go with you. cuz then i'll get to meet you face to face finally? deal??? hahahahahaha

Both will happen at the right time :)

It's interesting that such places take on the atmosphere that we expect :) I have heard the same thing about the Colosseum in Greece, but to me the pictures just look ancient, not creepy!

hehehe that will have to be a #22222 meetup someday - Greece - I'm sure @bluefinstudios will love that!!!!

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Thank you @ackhoo for coming to my post and having a great walk with me! hehehehe
I appreciate you taking the time to read and enjoy! :) And thanks for sharing it with @qurator !!! :) What a surprise to get that nice vote! :)

Thank you... for taking us on your trip with you! :) So sorry you weren't feeling too well, but you made it sound like a great experience anyway! Cheers! :)