The Purple Path uniting Wednesday Walks!

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I've been waiting to use these pictures for a while! Blue is my favorite color. Not one shade of blue -but the captivating spell of the shades of the sea. Or the gradient that glamourizes the sky!

However - I haven't really seen many blue flowers. Not a true blue, really.
(possibly a hyacinth, or a bluebell of course - but that's really it!)

The rest are shades of violet, indigo and purple. And they CAPTURE my heart!

Now these pictures are not all captured on one walk. As a matter of fact, they are various places but have been stored in the "purple place" on my phone! hehehe

We are gonna have a little fun today. I don't know the names of ANY of these flowers. Not one! So... I'm gonna tell you what I call them. And you can giggle along with me! I sure do hope my Andie-girl @andysantics48 is coming along on Wednesday Walk! She always shares the most beautiful photos and I haven't seen her here for 2 weeks! Where are you Andy!?? @frot drag her back here! hahaha

ok... shall we begin? Let's start with our Butterfly garden walk in southwestern Florida!


Several purple flowers here! You can see those silly "Bug Eyed Sassies" with the yellow centers! And You can't miss the "Stalkie Walkers" stretching out to reach us. Those are always fun ones!


You simply can't miss this lovely bush filled with "Confetti Puffins". Just look how they fill that bush with their happy faces! And you might even say that the reddish purple stalks over on the left might fit the bit for our purple path. But no. Sorry. We need PURPLE purple for all our flowers. That guy should just be happy to grace our photo hehehe


Next we traverse the country back to glorious central Cali- where we wait every single year for these "Prickly Purple Witchies" to dot every hillside with their ravishing beauty. And the only flower I DO know the actual name of is sitting right beside it - our state flower - the poppy! Doesn't that bright sunshiney orange go so well with the purple???


See? What did I tell you? One day, they are all green and sticky looking - and then FLASH! The purple comes out of NOWHERE and its all over the hills. Glorious I tell you!

Heading off the mountain, but going deeper into the Central Valley - I spy a buddy. Can you see him here???? He (or she) is hanging out in the ones that I call "Grapleberry Cluster Bushies". I mean, if you could be with the graple clusters - wouldn't you be?


Did you see him yet? If not... see him in ALL his beauty here - with his wings open. I thought he was a monarch from far away, but then when he opened his wings and I saw that beautiful blue!!! oooooooh! I was thrilled! His name is Clem Jiggles. (sorry its a bit blurry - but it's still worth it, right?)


Next we head to the coast, to my favorite little Sanctuary on the rocky shores of Monterey. Maybe you remember my picture of the ocean? Well, here we have the purple flowers that were EVERYWHERE on the trail. So many different kinds. How were they all various varieties of violet???? I do not know. I've never seen so many different kinds of purple flowers in one place before!!! So - enjoy the purple below with me! 😁


And do you know what those are called above? hmmmm let me think - oh yeah!!! "Hoo-head Pricklebodies" Yep. That's those famous Hoo-head Pricklebodies. Don't they just look like they're here to party?? hahaha


I loved these in front of that pretty Victorian style B&B there. I've always wanted a house with gables and a big wrap around front porch! I don't have one.... so I'll just satisfy myself with a lovely picture! hehe


These were all over as ground cover along my walk - and there was SO much of it. We call this - the "Carpet Cushies!" LOLOL


Now these above are similar shape - but they're not the same! The ones on the left are "Pasty Purpy Daisy Lookies" and the ones on the right are "Proper Purpy Spikey Lookies". I can see how you could get them confused, but I'm here to help you out! LOL


I bet you already know the name to these above.

YEP! I knew you knew it!!! "Fuschia Fireballs Cracker Jacker Johnnies"! Because - that's exactly what they look like - sitting up on the cliff, hanging out on the shoreline. hehehe


I know its another blurry picture. I tried SO HARD to sneak up on him! But they are just fast and flittery! There was no way I was gonna catch this picture without taking the picture FAST! SO... blurry. but...
he's so cute!!!!

To finish off this set of seductive sultry sinful hues of violet... I actually DO have a picture of a flower that is the closest to blue in this entire set. I call it "True Blue". It's hanging out at the top of the picture - so - do spy it out! This picture was taken outside of our hotel in Fisherman's Wharf, San Fran. The whole display was purple passion - so... I'm happy to finish this set with this one. I truly hope you enjoyed all the purple with me 😁. See you next Wednesday Walk!!!!


All pictures captured by me


I do love blues also but shades of purple I also love
Love all the names you came up with and yes it was worth sharing clam jiggles

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

hahahahahahahahahaha wasn't that cute butterfly so sweet!!!! ohhh i love butterflies :)

and the names had me cracking up! LOLOL


Purple is awesome!

Andy is on a road trip, hopefully she takes some photos

ahhhhhhh ok that explains her silence - hehehe maybe she told me that and I forgot hahahahahaha

thanks for letting me know - now i won't have to spank her for her quiet :)

Blue is my favorite color too and I love all of those purples and the true blue you've displayed here.
The Jacaranda can keep me in a daze for hours.
But I would love you to see my blue daze I call it a piece of heaven let me show it to you, I am trying to get these to fill my pergola. I hope it will happen someday soon.
Blue daze for @dreemsteem


I hope this is the blue you've been looking for - my true blue.

oh my goodness - that is luscious.

i have chills hehehe

and yes - you and I share the same love for the jacaranda! hehehe remember that was the clue to one of my games? hahahahaha

i love when they are filling the branches - but i think i love it even more when they start dropping those purple petals everywhere and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its like candy all over the ground hehehehehe - it really has me mesmerized too Sofs! hahaha I could just sit and stare and sit and stare. such peace!

i love it!!! someday in heaven - i'm going to have a jacaranda lined path where i can walk all the time hehehehehehe

thank you for sharing that flower with me - it made me smile!

Glad you like it :D

My God!

My eyesight is getting dim with all these purple 😂

This was a wonderful walk, although most of the other colored flowers tried sharing the spotlight with your purple adventure


Thank God,we have a blue, A True Blue at that, sticking out, vying for attention, and definitely getting it 🤗

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hehehehe yes - our true blue finally made it into the shot!
hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hehehehehe

so much purple right?? hahahaha but on the walks - there was so much green, and water, and sun... and then SPLASH of purple hahaha

it was beautiful and lovely! ohhhhhhhh i love seeing them out and about hehehe

have you ever joined Wednesday walk???
you should try it for next week! it's a nice challenge to get out and show us your world :)

Bug Eyed Sassies? Stalkie Walkers? Confetti Puffins? 😂 You sure know how to name these flowers! They are beautiful!

Obviously, you had a good time on your Wednesday walk. Spring time is when these flowers grow and bloom. I believe this runs into summer time?

I like the Carpet Cushies more. Gives the landscape a serene look! 😊

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hehehehehe yes - i love giggling :)
and I giggled throughout this post hahahahahahaha
this was actually a lot of wednesday walks combined into one - so that i could feature the purple flowers from all over! hehehe but i think it worked well! lololol

Lovely post, and fantastic photos. That shade of blue is actually my favourite colour too. It's so rare to find in flowers that when you do find one, it just leaps right out from its surroundings. It's also a shade of blue that is hard to replicate with pigments (I've tried many times to replicate it in paintings but it's never quite the shade I want).

hehehe yes - isn't it so hard to find that PERFECT shade of blue???
its like you think ohhhhhhh that's it! but no. it ends up being too flat.

blue seems to need that touch of gradient - that mystery - that thing that draws you in! hehehehe all the nuances and shades - and one color is just too hard to find that perfect balance! hehehehe

I only took these shots on my phone - so they didn't come out as nicely as if I had a pro camera hehehe but - they did capture memories for me! so that will do hehehehe

Nice to see you! thank you for visiting!!!! :)

All these flowers and the colours seemed like you went in tourist visit.
Blue, sky blue is preferably everybody's colour but blue can come in diverse adorning colours.

I wish I could find flowers concentrated in the same place like this.

Flowers are beautiful when they are concentrated in the same region.

heheheh well this is a compilation of several different walks over the last few months.

I saved all my purple flower pictures to make them one post hehehehehe

but a lot of them came from Monterey - and THAT was amazing - to see SO MANY purple flowers - and all different kinds!!! in one post hehehehe

thank you for visiting me and joining my lovely walk @mrenglish hehee

Thanks for the initiative and the collection of these colourful and beautiful. It's a big walk you have engage in.

Oooohm that one is my favorite
right there
love them!!
and my favorite colour

hehehehe they are all. my. favorite. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Even the greybelly blueberry chick doodle?


you learn so well - i'm so super proud of you! :)