River Walk

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to enjoy a nice walk along a river on a recent trip!


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River Walk

I think one of my favorite things to do is enjoy a nice river! I don't know if that's because our son has been an avid explorer of rivers any time we find one, but it's certainly one of the nice things to do when we find one! We recently took a nice trip to Maine and one thing that Maine has a lot of is rivers and lakes!


This particular river was pretty cool because it was very close to a road so that we could explore it without having to go really far. We stopped to grab some food at a store and the little man immediately jumped out of the car to tell me that he wanted to explore the river nearby so we took a little walk over.


This river was cool in that it had a lot of broken and destroyed bridge parts of some kind. There were bricks everywhere and a lot of it looked pretty old! I don't know when this bridge was destroyed but it may have been an old railroad bridge which was pretty common in the area, given how places were trying to move all kinds of products like lumber easily.


The little man was, as always, poking around and exploring the different pools in the river to see if there were any critters or fish. The only thing we saw in this area was a big frog that surprised both of us lol. The river was actually pretty cool in some areas, it was dotted with pretty deep spots in a few areas! I was shocked and know that in the early spring the area is probably teeming with trout and other fish, with the water levels being higher!


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Looks like you found a nice spot to explore
Great your little one is keen to get out and explore nature

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Thanks for stopping by man! These adventures, even the small spots, are awesome to explore! The little man loves to do it all and that makes it even more fun for me!

A pleasure to read your post it’s great you and the little one have fun adventures exploring together

that seems like a nice river.
looks so clean also. here we hardly see that clean river anymore.

It's unfortunate that rivers where you are are dirty! The ones here are usually really clean and nice. It also helps that this area is one that's got some pretty intense winters. The winters in the warmer part of the country are usually not this clean, but it's not full of trash. It's just different climates that produce different rivers and all that.

What a great walk along this beautiful river @cmplxty 😁😎 they are fun to explore. Especially there with so much nature.
So cool he is so fond of things like that. A true explorer.
Great captures.
Have a wonderful Thursday 👋🏻☀️

Thank you! It's great indeed that's for sure! It brings me a lot of fun and joy to go out and explore these places, even if they are small. Just makes it a nice part of life to slow down a little bit and explore!

You are welcome @cmplxty 😁
I can imagine… hehehe 🤭 and many more adventures to come.
Have an amazing Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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That's great thank you!