I am alive today up and grateful

in We Are Alive Tribe28 days ago


Being alive is one of the things that we should be so much grateful for, because life is a journey therefore being alive is at the mercy of the Lord.

Which only means that our journey has not yet finished but we have more and more to accomplish.

The world is a beautiful place, full with beautiful people all over it, going From places to places you would see so much amazing things that nature give us to enjoy.

Therefore, I am alive to enjoy and and see all of this things.

I also grateful for all my friends and family and the blessings coming out way each and everyday.

I am grateful for the extent I have reached today, because is not by my power nor my might but by the glory of the LORD.


Well said :) And thank you for completing your first day in the Alive Community :) I look forward to future posts :)


Thanks so much ❤️

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