in Always a Flowerlast year

Nothing better than a start of the day with the smell of flowers and bird songs.
My work days starts exactly like that. I am arriving around 8 am and the roses in the factory garden are bringing some positive vibes.



My favourite is the pink one, although most of my collegues say they like the red roses. Red roses have that deep colour and look like velvet. They grow in clusters, while pink is more solitary.


Here is another rose that has a special appeal.


Knowing how busy the day will be and how stressful as well, I stop for few minutes to enjoy the flowers. The roses are my favourite. I have said that many times. I am glad the garden is well kept and looked after and each year when the summer knocks at the door, the roses are awake from a deep sleep.

It's been a long time since I have used Deep Dream Generator to edit my photos and create something different. Now it is a good time to play with the rose photos and see what the results will be. There are new styles to explore and I chose one photo only to edit.

Let me show you what I have made. Or better to say, the program did.


It looks like a lace and yes, the style used is an image of a lace.

Another style and completely different image.


How about something surreal, out of this world?


Abd finally the original photo.


Hope my photos brought to you good vibes and I wish you all wonderful weekend!


Thank you for viewing.

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How beautiful flowers 😍😍🥰💐

Thank you 🙂

Oh I LOVE those pink ones too. Pink is my favorite color and always has been :)

I really love what that generator did to the photos, especially the last one. Thanks for sharing these beautiful rose images ~

Thank you very much for stopping by.
The roses are great to photograph and to do some digital manipulation. Glad you like them and that we have same taste for colour.

You’re welcome! I’m glad I stopped by ~

You sure captured some beauties Neli!! I love the edits that you did as well!! 💕

Aww, thank you @deerjay. ❤

Most welcome! 💕

How nice! You could grow so many kinds of roses! Mine were all eaten by pests!lol

Oh, this is a small fraction of roses we have in my workplace. 🙂

Definitely a beautiful way to start your day with the smell of flowers and bird songs have a great weekend @nelinoeva 😊

Thank you my friend, have a great weekend too!

Cheers, and thank you @nelinoeva 😊

Whoa that's a really neat effect! I thought the lace was a project you were doing at first glance!

I am not so skillful with laces, knitting or crocheting. 😀
Deep Dream Generator is another level of digital art and some of the users create really amazing images. I am more lazy and leave the program to do the work, just choosing the photo and style and not messing up with the settings.

It takes a creative eye to know what looks good, whether you call it lazy or not ;)

Very beautiful roses! Such a delicate pink flower.

Thank you, glad you like them. 😀