Let’s talk lifestyles and pleasure. Shall we? — my intro post

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Hello everyone…

My name is Gbemisola but some people call me ‘Liz’ the short form of my other name ‘Elizabeth’. And my username is @lizizoo. I love to spend my time alone, listening to music or podcast while sometimes I also take my time to appreciate the beauty of nature. I mean God really created a lot beautiful creatures including us.

I also enjoy studying people and spending time with my loved ones. I love to write because I just feel like writing helps relieve the brain, so most of my free time I spend it on writing, cooking and crocheting. And yes, I am from Nigeria.. a country in Africa.
This is me..


On this hive platform, I am looking forward to a lot of things, most especially about life experience sharing my thoughts about life. Mostly, I write about how to improve our life and our standard of living; mentally, physically, academically and spiritually.

I dearly believe in God because he has also been there for me. I tend to write about this because situations around, the way people worry, the way depression is kinda getting hold of most youth is kinda alarming and most times I see people need that word, that encouragement, that ideas to heal or get back to their feet.

I am actually a science student and I really love science. People find it kind of surprising when they see me write, they be like ‘you should be solving mathematics not writing’ don’t get me wrong mathematics is like my favorite subject. It is a really nice subject that you wanna learn more and more about it.

So, I basically like to motivate other students or my peers. Mostly, people who are still in secondary schools or high school or what ever you want to call it but who knows? It might be useful for someone more than that. I try my best to make learning fun.

On a rare occasion, I also write about other topics. I am young girl with different ideas, like I’ve mentioned I love cooking, so I can also write about African cooking or dishes.. I can also share my ideas about fitness, we all know exercising is very good for the body. Although, I have a natural waist and tummy but I keep a process to maintain them and still keep them fit.


I also crochet when I am less busy.. and it is part of my side hustle. These are some of my works.



And yes, I love watching movies too and reading novels that deals mostly with supernatural .. well, I have a thing for supernatural(witches, vampires, werewolf…). So, I write supernatural stories too.
Hey, if you feel bored. Feel free to check my profile because yeah, I write stories most times (and not just supernatural)

I believe I’ll take my time to read other’s posts and also learn because everyone learn new things at some point and I believe I’ll also learn a lot here like cryptocurrency. I joined this platform basically because it is a place where I can express my thoughts through writing and where I can also learn a lot from different aspect.

It is like a great opportunity for me, it just sounds like the place for me and I really hope for the best. I got introduced to hive through a friend of mine @StarStrings01 who actually linked me up with @hive-bootcamp which actually helped me through the processes and also the understanding I need.

I can’t be more grateful to @hive-bootcamp. This project has helped me a lot and I believe it has for many others who were on this project. They took time to explain to us basic things we were supposed to understand; like the functions of the keys, how to use 3speak and many others.

The team leaders are so much nice, they took their precious time to share part of their knowledge. A big ‘grateful’ shoutout to @Monioluwa, @Olujay and @StarStrings01 y’all are so amazing.

This project helps give understanding and clarity about hive and also I feel like it reduces a lot of stress like searching around for enquiries. I can gladly recommend it to anyone. And personally, I also feel like it brings some motivation and encouragement. God bless those who brought this project.

I am glad to be in this platform and I am really looking forward to meeting new people and friends from around the world. I really hope y’all gladly accept me. Kindly, follow me, share, vote and comment on my post. Thanks!!


Oh wow!!! @lizizoo its a great pleasure to meet you, i so much enjoyed reading through this, you are a really beautiful writer. I'm so happy you took the tutorials seriously and you finally made an intro post.

You have a really flat tummy and it's nice, hope you eat sha 😂😂. I love your handiwork, it's beautiful. Now I can't wait to see all that you will be sharing with us here.

You are welcome to Hive dear, always free free to ask questions where you are not clear, I'm very sure you will get answers especially from the boss themselves @starstrings01, @olujay and @Monioluwa.

Good luck 👍❤️.

Lol. Thank you very much.
Your comment is very exquisite

And I don’t really eat much too.. I guess I eat normal food tho 😂😂

Hehe, you are welcome dear, it's my pleasure 😁.

Hmm, that means you don't eat naw, I will love to live with you, because it is people like you that use to have easy access to food 🤣🤣🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️.

Hello, @lizizoo! This is @anggreklestari from the @OCD team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive Blockchain! Congratulations and welcome!

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Have a great day!

Oh you love crocheting tops and it makes the one who worn it more sexy. You are also health conscious who love being physically fit and thats good.

Welcome to hive @lizizoo. I hope you will enjoy in this platform and we are looking forward to read your thoughts.

Thank you. I really hope for the best here on hive.

I’ve check some of your post and most for them are mostly about lifestyle. I just feel we share common view.
I’ll really love you keep up with my post.. thanks in advance. Lol

Thanks for checking my posts and yes I am interested about health and lifestyle but sad to say i gain a lot of weight during pandemic and even until now. Though I still want to learn more about healthy lifestyle, healthy food and healthy routine.

Well, feel free to follow me and follow up with my post.
Because yeah, I’ll be posting a lot about routines.

Hey Liz👋 Welcome to hive!!
You've got a really nice personality there.
I also enjoy watching supernatural movies, infact, they're my favorite!😍
I really do hope you have a good time here!😊

Thank you so much for welcoming me warmly.

I also really do hope I have a good time here.

Hope you are having a good time here too..

I sure am🙂

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Welcome to Hive
I sure we'd all meet people of same interest with ours here on Hive

Welcome to Hive Liz
I sure we'd all meet people of same interest with ours here on Hive

Yeah. Thanks. I really hope you get the best here on hive.

Looking forward to seeing your posts

Welcome to Hive Lili😉 but what's the concept of your username? I get that you are being called Liz cause of your name Elizabeth but you choose to add *izoo to it, sounds nice by the way.

I used to crochet too but I got too busy for it, hopefully, I could still turn my needles😂. Your work is nice though.

Speaking of supernatural, I love that too, magical, fantasy and all. I am a huge fan of werewolves/vampires novels and movies. I usually enjoy their storyline.
Once again welcome here. I hope you have a great time.

Thank you very much. Your welcoming is dope!!
Idk but you sound so fun already.

I don’t crotchet all the time too due my work.
And yeah. I really love the fact that you love supernaturals.
Maybe you can recommend some… I’ll love it.

Oh sorry to hear that. We all golet way busy with much more important things at times so I understand.

Oh for recommendation I haven't really seen or read any supernatural-inclined storyline lately but let me recommend this for you. *The Love Of A Lycan you can find it on the light reader. I don't know if it can be found on Wattpad or which novel app you read from.

Big thanks. I'll check it out ♡

Welcome on board @lizizoo

Thank you for welcoming.

Welcome to Hive Liz. 😊

Thank you for the privilege 🙏

You're welcome ma'am.



Hey welcome beautiful. You'll definitely enjoy working here :)

Thanks. Hopefully.

Hello @lizizoo, I welcome you here with all pleasure. Your crochets look beautiful and so do you. I am really looking forward to your fitness posts because this flat tummy I'm seeing ehnn😂😂😂 It's something a lot of us are looking forward to having.

With all the orientation you already have, I'm sure you won't have a hard time understanding the Blockchain. Enjoy your stay dear and see you around!

Lol 😂. Thanks a lot.

I'll be posting what I know can help.. so, kindly follow me 😁

Hope so. Thanks again ♡

I'm also a science student but I write too..the truth is your course of study doesn't in any way amper your level of creativity... we're humans and humans are know for being thinking and creative beings..we can actually do anything as long as we're interested in it...

You surely should check out the @moviesonhive community, we'll love to have you join the vast minds making reviews and introducing ourselves to the wonder of the movie world... we'll be glad to have you!!..

Welcome to hive...you have great mentors there...learn as much as you can from them cuz there's a lot to benefit...❤️❤️

Yeah. Of course. I understand

I’ll check it out.


Welcome to hive dear 🤗. With your acquaintance, I'm sure you'll easily find your way around here.

Wow, your crochet works are beautiful. I'm glad to know that we share that art in common, although I'm still a beginner. I'll be looking forward to reading your interesting stories 😃.

Happy Hiving! ❤️