He Couldn't Survive Living With The Cancer

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I Feel numb whenever heard the word "Cancer" and my hatred of this disease keeps growing whenever I hear someone has given up on his life fighting against cancer.


Photo by Allen Beilschmidt sr. from pexels

We Live in a world where millions of People are living with cancer. The disease takes Hundreds or more People life everyday and Some just search for treatment, and spend millions on it to get a cure that doesn't even exist.

If you had the opportunity to create the cure for only one disease. What disease will that be? And why that particular one?

Sadly I have also lost my loved one fighting Cancer until his last breath and because I know the pain and how it feels like losing someone that's why if I had the opportunity to create the cure for only one disease I will Choose Cancer.

Cancer has many types

I may sound stupid telling this but probably some (2℅) might think Cancer is just one single disease.

But Cancer is of many types, some have Skin cancer, Breast cancer, leukemia, brain tumor, and Plenty more types.

Cancer is never permanent, it is always changing, shifting, and upgrading to another stage.

The hatred inside me keeps growing and theirs a Story behind this I will share why I not only want a cure but to vanish this disease from the universe.

The Pandemic and Last Stage Cancer

During the Pandemic When People were dying of the COVID virus. Lung Cancer Caught my Grandfather and found he has stage 4 cancer.

We were living miles away from my grandparent's house when heard about his condition.

Went to my grandparents' place quickly and I was not able to recognize him at first sight because cancer had made him so weak and he lost too much weight.

in search of a cure for his cancer

From family to relatives everyone started recommending the best Hospitals for his treatment.

And we took him to one of the biggest and most well-known cancer treatment hospital here in our country.

The treatment was so costly but not more than his life. Doctors gave us all hope that he will be fine after specific "Chemotherapy".


image by klbz from pixabay.

after every chemotherapy cancer symptoms were reducing and we all started spending more time around him to make him feel everything is coming back to normal, he also started being happy.

But can't forget the pain he was going through and hiding from us but seen on his face.

When life takes an unexpected turn

One day when everyone was sitting in a gathering thinking how normal everything is and suddenly his condition got worse.

Took him to the hospital and they admitted him to the emergency room. We all never felt as scared as we were at that time.


image by pixabay from pexels

Everyone started praying for his recovery and from 8pm to 5am just waiting for a phone call from the family in hospital to know the situation.

We received a phone call at 6 am around what they said was do necessary preparations at home we are coming back doctor has said they can't do anything now.

From that day when he left us until now i Cant move on and whenever I hear someone passed away fighting cancer it just fills my mind with all those painful memories.

He will never be forgotten, I loved him and hope he is in a better place or happy.


Now you know the reason why I would choose to make a cure for Cancer if only I had an opportunity.

Was not really an easy thing for me to write this but somehow I can't stop myself from writing on this.

Hopefully I didn't made anyone much upset. Sorry for that if I did will take care next time.

Till then have fun, stay healthy and enjoy your life.

Thanks for reading.


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My partner died here in our home of cancer. It was the most horrific way to die. No one should have to go through that.

I'm so sorry to hear about your partner Melinda. I know how it feels and really wish no one should have to go through that.

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Cancer proliferation is usually the issue. If it were to be that it occurs within a point of a organ then it can definitely be tracked and found lasting solution to. Well done @idksamad78699

Is it? Yea, cancer in blood or when it reaches to last stages the chances are very less. Hopefully in the coming time we will see a world without disease or with cure of all.

Thank you for stopping by and dropping lovely comment.

I hope towards then too, these sort of diseases has drastically reduced the growing world's population. Leukemia's condition is a different situation entirely. So far it's a blood cancer it metastases. Do av an awesome moment @idksamad78699

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That's sad! I've met few people who battled cancer and I tell you that the strength they possessed was incredible. No one deserves to have any kind of cancer, but that's how the life works. Truly unpredictable.

Indeed we can't match with the strength of them.

Yea no one deserves it, Life is kinda unpredictable! Agree 💯.

A cure for cancer would be good. It is horrible to see people suffering.

Yeap, it is indeed horrible can't see people suffering.

Cancer is becoming common. It's one of the diseases that is killing us. I hope no one has to go through such suffering.

Exactly 💯, I hope same.

Thanks for stopping and have a Wonderful day ahead.

You have a wonderful weekend too!

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I hope every cure, for every cancer works wonder and save lives. It is always hurting to know someone passed with this kind of illness.

I hope so, yea it hurts a lot the most painful moment of anyone's life.

Cancer is indeed a bad disease that is very bad 😞.
So sorry for your Loss 🙏

Yea 💯 agree.

Aw, Thanks @sommylove
Wish you a blessed day ahead.!

Welcome 😁😁

When I was a kid, I thought cancer was just for the rich. So far, none of my direct family had suffered from cancer, but my grade school classmate died from it. She had leukemia and suffered for many years before she let go.

Thank you for sharing this with us @idksamad78699! You're so brave in sharing this.
I got sad reading this because I also remembered my grandfather when he was still alive.
It was not cancer for him though but I can relate to what you said that you couldn't recognize him when he was sick.
It's really a sad way to die.

You're so brave in sharing this

Still Trying to figure out how I had wrote this all.

Sad to hear about your grandfather it just really sad when we have to go through that moment.

It's painful for them and it's also so painful for us to watch them suffer. That's why it's best for us to stay healthy so our loved ones won't have to go through the pain of seeing us suffer.

cancer is the enemy of humanity, my family has gone through it and it is horrible, I can't even wish it on my enemy.

Yea it is, oh Sad to hear about your family I hope they're fine and healthy now. Exactly I won't wish it on my enemy.

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Yea it is, oh zesti Thank you dear.
God bless you and have a blessed day ahead!

 7 months ago Reveal Comment

I feel same the hatred keeps growing when I hear about it.

Indeed that's the worse thing.