My Nighttime Study Routine as a Student.

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Just like being a worker, I'm sure we can all agree that being a student is quite tasking. There's always so much to do and study, so much mental and physical stress. Sometimes, I feel like 24 hours isn't even enough to get my school work and personal work done. Yet alone, my online tasks. I guess this is why most people prefer to stay up at night to get their stuff done.


As much as this is helpful, it's quite difficult for me because I'm really not a night owl. And, one thing I don't joke with is my sleep… I can literally sleep effortlessly. I could also get kidnapped whilst sleeping and I wouldn't even know or move a muscle 😂

Nonetheless, as a student, I figured staying up late was something I had to get used to. During exam periods, I'd see students going for night classes and wonder how they could actually stay up all night, studying. Frankly speaking, the only thing that could keep me awake all night is Korean series. But studying? Hehe, I'd doze off in 20 minutes. Not that I don't like studying but I used to still prefer doing that at daytime. Unfortunately, the daytime isn't not enough for me to complete my tasks.


Recently, I've begun to master staying up at night to study, do assignments and other things without falling asleep or giving myself eyebags.

What's my routine?

Well, first of all, I make sure to get enough sleep earlier. Let's say I plan to study at 2 a.m, I go to bed around 10 p.m and set an alarm for 2 a.m. By then, I would've slept for 4 hours and I wouldn't feel sleepy while I'm up studying.


Then, I'd study for 3 hours and go back to bed my 5 a.m. Sleep for another 2 hours and wake up to start my day by 7 a.m. Getting at least 6 hours of sleep is important to keep our bodies reenergized and healthy. So yeah, I don't like to compromise that.

Secondly, I like to keep my mouth busy so I don't get bored and fall asleep while studying. Things like chewing gums, biscuits and peanuts always does the trick. That's why before nightfalls, I make sure those munchies are available to keep me company since I don't take coffee. In fact, if there's any drink I take to keep me active, it's definitely water. It helps to keep me hydrated during the night.



Another thing I like to keep myself accompanied with is music. I enjoy listening to soft music to lighten the mood and atmosphere. I can't really study in gravely quiet places, it makes me feel sleepy. So, if I want to stay awake to study at night, plugging in my earphones does the trick.

Also, I make sure to avoid my bed because if I dared to study on my bed, then be rest assured I'd be snoring in no time. I believe that as a student, it's necessary to get a study desk and chair to make it easier to study properly. Especially people like me who prefer studying at home than going out for night classes.

Lastly, I study with bright lights to keep me awake. When the lights are dim or there's no electricity, studying becomes difficult for me and it just makes me wanna sleep off. I prefer studying with a brighter reading lamp or better still when my room's bulb lights are turned on.

Conclusively, I'd like to end by saying that it takes self-discipline to stay up late studying. There were times when I followed my routine but I still couldn't achieve anything. I either I fell asleep or got distracted halfway. You know, it's one thing to decide to do something and another thing to actually do it. Before following any of the above routine, I believe first mastering self-discipline is a good step to accomplishing any nighttime study plans. I guess the same applies to work as well. It's not always easy.

P.S. This post is in response to the @hive-learners weekly featured topics for week 35 edition 2, on the title; “LATE NIGHTS”.

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Indeed discipline is the main thing here. Even after setting out all plans to stay awake and study without disciplining the flesh to dance to your plans, you might still end of sleeping for your dear life 😂
I love your tricks 😍👍

I'm telling you 😂... Everything is not my mouth, it takes discipline o actually do these things without procrastinating or falling asleep.

Thanks mama, I'm glad you do! ☺️


Thank you for the curation ❤️

It's a pleasure 😘

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Thanks 👍
Enjoy the pizza 🍕@dimmablogs

Thanks mama, I appreciate it 🥰

Everyone has that one thing that can keep them wake at night. Well, you have said it all disciplines is the only thing that can make it work.
I could remember when I was taking so lectures from a close friend in America. She attended the lectures in Nigeria before she left for America, I didn't have the time and money to attend. I needed that lecture to pass some trainings in my place of work. To achieve this, she would call me @ midnight when it's convenient for her but not for me because that's when am supposed to be sleeping. Coffee help me.

Yes, my friend also calls to remind me to read at midnight... Sometimes it helped but some other times, I'd still doze off 😂...

Hope you were able to attend and pass the lectures though?

I'm really not a fan of coffee but it's good to know that coffee works fine for you ☺️.

My Darling, that's how I got my current position in place of work.
Coffee is not good, but I only take when I need to stay awake for a huge task at night.
Thanks for sharing❤

Wow, that's good to hear. I'm happy for you 😊.

I understand, coffee helps afterall but it should just be minimized.

You are foodie and a rich kid nothing you fit tell me 😂.

Thanks for sharing.

Lol, yes I'm a foodie and I say a big amen to that rich kid part.

Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, night studying. I used to like it, but the only problem was that my studying included piano practising 😂
Not really nice for the neighbours hahaha

I still stay up until late, there is always work to be done.

Secondly, I like to keep my mouth busy so I don't get bored and fall asleep while studying

This IS dangerous 😂 for the wight 😂
Well, I am older so these late evening snacks are also so so so tempting but not good for my clothes hahaha. They became somehow... small 😁

Wow, a study that includes piano practicing must be fun and interesting 😃... I think the neighbors should be rather entertained 😄.

I guess no one can escape staying up late, from study to work and all of that. It's part of life, we just need to cope with it.

🤣 Oh yesss, late night snacking isn't healthy but I try to minimize my intake. I just can't resist them because they help me to stay up late when I need to.

Thanks a lot for stopping by, I appreciate it! ❤️🥰

Also, I make sure to avoid my bed because if I dared to study on my bed, then be rest assured I'd be snoring in no time.

This is the best trap to sleep, I don't go near my bed if I want to be serious with my life in the night haha😂

if I want to be serious with my life in the night

🤣 For real! It's a big risk, especially when the fan or AC is on.

Omo... Being able to condition your body to be able to stay up late nights, it does take self discipline. And it doesn't come easy. But as long as you are willing to work for it, you'll definitely get there.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

It's not easy, I tell you. Yeah I agree, anything is possible with will and motivation.

It's my pleasure Bruno, thanks for stopping by! 😊

being a student is quite tasking

Please invreaa the volume so they could hear it louder😭😭

Things like chewing gums, biscuits and peanuts always does the trick.

It is very nice you are not taking coffee to keep you awake but then it's also bad to send any solid aside water down the GIT at that hour of the day (midnight) because of reduced system activities.

You have beautiful methods you employ.
Unlike you, I was and am a night owl so I need very little of these methods to stay awake since it's just in me.... I prefer sleeping by 4/5am and waking up around 9/10, those are when I enjoy my sleep 😂