Happiness Is My Pain Reliever.

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I once read a book by Colleen Hoover titled 'Reminders of him’ and in this book, I came across a statement by one of the main characters. She said and I quote; “Happiness isn't some permanent thing we're all trying to achieve in life, it's merely a thing that shows up every now and then, sometimes in tiny doses that are just substantial enough to keep us going.”


These words struck me and I quickly jotted it down in my notepad. I'm sure we can all agree that everyone has his/her own perspectives of happiness. Some would say “once I've become a billionaire, only then would I find happiness” Well, while money can make us happy, it's not going to last forever. Why do you think some rich people commit suicide out of depression... Why wasn't the money enough to keep them going?

You see, I've come to the conclusion that happiness isn't permanent and that's why sometimes we're happy and sometimes we're sad. Happiness is more like a choice… if not found, it can be created and it doesn't even have to be something huge, little things can bring happiness.


We really don't have to wait for things to go right before we can be happy. I also believe that understanding why we need to be happy is a great start to finding happiness. For me, happiness is my pain reliever and that's why I must be happy. It's a drug that even an overdose can't cause harm. Moreso, when life gets really tough, choosing to remain happy will soothe the pain. And when it's become a habit, nothing can break us anymore.

Where and how do I find happiness?

• I find happiness in other people's happiness, I love seeing others happy. There was a time I felt really low deep down then someone told me I made them happy, I automatically became happy again. I was all smiles for the rest of that day. Whenever I see my family and friends happy, it warms my heart and I like to be around them. That way, I could tap from their energy. Even strangers too. I could never be jealous of someone else's happiness. It only gives me joy.

• I find happiness in the success of others. Whenever someone shares a good news of their accomplishment or success story, it makes me happy. I like to see people doing well and celebrate with them. It feels like I'm in their shoes and I believe that being genuinely happy for their success will yield mine as well.

• I find happiness in being loved. The feeling of being loved is the best feeling everyone should experience. It makes us feel significant and less lonely. I feel happy when I'm showered with love from my loved ones and every other person.

• I find happiness in creating it. When happiness doesn't seem to come forth, I like to create it. How? By staying positive about life, being content, doing the things I love (my hobbies), putting a smile on people's faces, spreading love, eating good food, self-care, self-love, reaching my goals and making money.


In conclusion, happiness is not a permanent accomplishment but a choice we must make everyday by making ourselves or others happy no matter how little. Why? Because it's something we need to get by in life.

P.S. This post was inspired by the @hive-learners weekly posting topics for week 34 edition 1 on the title; “HAPPINESS”.



Yes sometimes in life we will be down and feel like something is wrong with our life. This moment it’s possible we will be sad as we are facing challenges but we can create happiness for ourselves by doing things that will love as you said.

Yeah it's life, there'll always be happiness and sadness... It's okay to feel sadness but we mustn't dwell in it. We should try to choose happiness at all times.

You post always makes me feel like am reading a great authors book 👍
Finding happiness in other peoples happiness attracts your own happiness. In as much as it a choice, it's important to be happy.

Awwn, thank you for your kind words ma 😊. Yes exactly and it's a necessary choice.

I totally agree that being happy is a choice we individually have to choose and stay true to it.
Thanks for sharing.

You've got that right! It's my pleasure, thanks for stopping by 😊.

I believe "being happy" is not just a feeling, but a state of mind. I see it as a perspective through which one can choose to view life. And the perspective we choose to view life ultimately affects the way we perceive it.

I had quite a terrible time about two weeks ago. I think I shared it and you read it. ...either way, moving on... And I think it was particularly the perspective I chose to view things that resulted in my overall feeling that week and therefore felt like the whole world was against me, when in reality, I chose to ignore the little things that I should have been grateful about.

Maybe, if I had been positive and chosen to focus more on the glass being half full and not half empty, things may have turned out much better. In all, I am saying a grateful heart finds happiness from the little things...

I believe "being happy" is not just a feeling, but a state of mind.

Yes, of course... Happiness is also a state of mind, it affects our mindset. We tend to be more enthusiastic and positive in a happy mood.

I think I shared it and you read it.

Really? I'm not sure I did. Either way, I'm sorry about whatever must've happened. Do not beat yourself up Jay, it's completely normal for humans to lose positivity. There are some situations in life that makes it almost impossible for us to remain positive. Not everyone has mastered that, I haven't either. But I'm working towards it.

I'm sure you will too and it's good that you realize your wrong choices. That's what matters. And yes, I agree... Being grateful for even the littlest things is a way to find true happiness.

Oh, you didn't see it? I actually thought you did and left a comment. Here it is, if you are interested.

Ohh I actually saw this post, I upvoted it and just as I was about to read it, I think I got distracted along the line. So I couldn't drop a comment.

That happens to me a lot. One minute you're on this tab, and the next you're on YouTube or something.

It's midnight in Nigeria. How's the weather where you are from?

Exactly! 😅

It's 11:25 p.m in Benin, the weather is a little chilly now but not until the day breaks and everywhere becomes blazing hot. Plus school stress 😪😂

Oh, I know that schoold stress. What school do you attend?

I attend Uniben

You are very right in this post 'Happiness is not a permanent thing. That is the reason why we must make ourselves happy.
If you depend on someone else to make you happy, then your happiness is at stake.

Create joy in everything you are doing and you will be happy doing them.
Thank you for this amazing post, continue to be spreading love

Yeah I agree, happiness begins within us. We can find happiness by doing things with passion and love.

It's my pleasure, I definitely will!

Thank you for the response, I wish you all the best

Really staying positive in life is a major way to be happy. We always find the faults.that's why we became depressed. If we be self satisfied then we can be happy 😊
Thanks for sharing ❤ ❤❤

Sure, positivity and contentment is key to finding happiness.

Thanks for stopping by! ❤️

Choosing happiness everyday is a choice we have to make constantly despite the scares of the world.
Without the choice of happiness life would be so gray.

So gray indeed and I couldn't agree more!

Thank you for your input ❤️

You're welcome.

Hmmmm!! This matter is deep. Happiness is not permanent it is something that comes and goes, and so is sadness. I wish everyone would understand this thing with life, life is double sided, one injures and the other Heals. If we say we will depend on money or people to be happy we will definitely be happy but only for a while, because soon we will see another that is more than money and desire to have of instead.

Your happiness depends on you, you can switch it on or decide to leave it dormant. This is why is it good to train your mind to adapt to all situation. Some days will be bad and some will be good, why allow yourself get injured after you know that the bad will fade away and the good will come? As human peace of mind is very vital, but we shouldn't attach our peace to circumstances. like you, I can't afford to have anything temper with my Happiness, it means a lot to me. Since I know it's location, I don't bother to go else where, I go right to it from within me.

Happiness is a choice yes, a choice we must constantly choose despite the circumstances. Even though not permanent, I hope everyone learns to adapt to it more and desist from dwelling in sadness.

Thank you for your input dear, it's much appreciated!

Amen my dear, we really need to desist from the sad attitude and embrace what will make life meaning and fun to us.

Ahhh! my boss lady, its a privilege to go through your post. I am always around. 🥰🥰

I quickly jotted it down in my notepad

We dah dinno have notepad, how are we going to jot all these things now? 🥲

You mentioned striking sources of happiness and I really love them. Happiness from sharing in other's happiness and success; that's amazing! And most of us do this a lot.

Creating happiness is also a great point eeehn... create them out of the little activities and things we do 🥰

We dah dinno have notepad, how are we going to jot all these things now? 🥲

😅 Na to keep am for brain oo

Awwn, I'm glad to hear that we share those sources of happiness in common.

Yeah, we can always create happiness from doing those little things we love.

There has always been that misconception that we can only be happy when things are easy and rosy for us. But then, there never really is such a moment. There will always be one problem or the other, so it's best to seize our happiness whenever we can.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Emphasis on seize! Life is unpredictable, there can't always be rosy moments and we cannot stop being happy just because those moments don't come by. Whatever little thing that makes us happy now, let's appreciate it and live in the moment.

It's my pleasure Bruno, thanks for stopping by! 😊

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That's right! Thanks for stopping by 😊.