enjoy rice during the day

in INDONESIAN HIVE2 months ago


Good afternoon friends wherever you are. Hopefully your days are very pleasant and of course you will do whatever you like and what you want wherever and whenever.

For today I was invited by my friends to enjoy food during the day where the point can be said as lunch and of course because the menu is very interesting so I want to share it with you where this afternoon I enjoyed very delicious shrimp and also tempeh which has a very savory taste especially with the extraordinary chili sauce.

I myself am a person who likes vegetables when enjoying food, therefore I also don't miss boiled vegetables which of course are very delicious and I also really like when enjoying rice.

That's what I do today and also I share with you. Hopefully your days are very pleasant, see you in my next post and also children can provide comments.




All This Photo Taken With :

Location PhotoAceh
Camera usedSmartphone


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Tapi kalau saya Liat makanannya sederhana tapi enak sekali.